8 of the most expensive anti-aging fetish, everyone has, 99% of people don't know!

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original title: the 8 most expensive anti-aging fetish, everyone has, 99% of people don't know!

said that years are "rolling" people, but sometimes, the beauty can not be totally blamed for the years, but also have to think about, do you have any bad habits at ordinary times? Now let's get together to find out the bad habits and attack the senility.

make senility ahead of time?

8 big food, the more you eat the younger

want to keep time, not necessarily move a knife on the face, and spend a high price to buy a heap of skin care products. In addition to good living habits, these common antioxidant foods can help you!

broccoli: enhanced skin damage resistance

broccoli contains rich vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which can enhance the skin's anti damage ability and help maintain skin elasticity.

recommended recipe: Boiled Broccoli

1 ingredients: broccoli, carrots, small red pepper.

practices: wash the broccoli and carrot pieces with boiled water, put the oil pan, burn to 7 into heat add red pepper, steamed fish soy sauce, cook until slightly boiling off the fire. Finally, you can pour the sauce on the broccoli.

milk: enhance skin tension

milk is the favorite food for the skin at night. It can improve the activity of skin cells, delay skin aging, enhance skin tension, eliminate small wrinkles and so on.

recommended recipe: milk stewed egg

ingredients: 200ml milk, 1 eggs, 2 small spoonful of sugar.

practice: eggs in a bowl, add sugar, milk and stir well. The egg carefully screen film on the back cover, into the pot of water septum fire for 10 minutes.

Kiwi: elimination of freckles and other spots

recommended recipe: kiwi fruit juice

ingredients: Kiwi one, a spoonful of honey, Water 100ml.

way: will peel and cut the kiwi fruit, put it into the juicer, pour the 100ml water into the juicer, and finally add a spoonful of honey.

carrot: keep skin moist and tender

recommended recipe: carrot fried egg

ingredients: carrot 2piece, shallot 2, egg 2, 1/2 TSP salt.

practice: first stir fry egg liquid to spare, and then stir fry carrots with small salt fire until softened. Add egg and scallion fried, with small fire fry scallion soften.