For the Australian couple, they don't give their children gifts for Christmas, but they sell their family and travel around the world with 6 children.

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original title: for Australian couples, they sell children's family products and travel around the world with 6 children on Christmas day.

mentioned Christmas

children may be the happiest

because every day to

they all hang their socks on the side of the bed

for Santa Claus

, of course, many times

their mouth "Santa Claus"

is their own parents,


but in Australia there is such a pair of parents,

they never sent Christmas presents to 6 children in the family,

not only that, they also made an amazing decision to

that is to sell all the domestic

with children around the world


this message is

everyone around the couple was stunned by

including the six children of their own

"is also surprised

they constantly ask their parents,

"place the house, where do we sell the car?"

'travel around the world, don't we go to school? "

"brothers are still small, how to follow us all over the world"



the faint

that parents can't tell

they just said a

to the children

because your parents are Sharny and Julius

so rest assured that

indeed, these parents don't have a big word to say

as an Australian health community

Sharny and Julius are star - like popularity

the couple's inspirational experience in weight loss fitness is

Where is the idolatry existence of

> will almost ask two people to share their fitness

, so, the economic cost of this road is


is not a problem at all

watching their couple's good figure

many people do not believe in

at all

this couple and inspirational fitness stories

it's so good that you need to lose weight and exercise

What's a joke

If time goes back to 10 years ago,

when Julius was a potbellied fat

because of the pressure of work and life

add a lot of children to


once relied on delicacy

stature is not only a serious aliasing

and the organs also lit him a red light

after awareness of its own health problems

Julius looks at the children who need him to take care of

determined to lose weight and fitness

he wants to do a dad

that can run and run with children.

, then, the fat Julius decided to fight


From: 这对澳洲夫妇,圣诞节不送孩子礼物,而是变卖家产,带着6个孩子环游世界!
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