Don't be foolishly skinned before cooking these dishes. It's popular now!

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when boiled corn is used to peel off easily?

in fact we only use green peel outside hardcover

left behind thin skins and corn beard


the epidermis of the outer layer protects the moisture in corn

the corn cooked this way will be more fragrant, and the taste is better

corn soup with corn to drink

the effect of diuretic and detumescence in traditional Chinese medicine



Sydney rock sugar is a good drink

summer heat

you can remember to keep the skin

when you cook the Sydney.

pear skin contains not only a very high dietary fiber




of eggplant skin

mainly from the anthocyanin

in eggplant skin

nutritional value is no less


pocket kitchen public number: koudaichufang.


peeled eggplant is easy to oxidize

Color blackening, not only affecting the beautiful



cucumber skin not only has the efficacy of detoxification

and the content of vitamin C is higher than that of melon

eating cucumbers can give full play to the maximum nutritional value



the vitamin of the subcutaneous part of the potato is as high as 80%

if you want to peel,

remember to gently scrape the surface to the


steamed potatoes is the ideal way to eat

minimum nutritional loss

especially steamed potato

can better preserve vitamin c



there are plenty of protein and vitamin

in peanuts

shell cooking can prevent the loss of nutrients from


peanut clothing also contains rich nutrients

can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin

if you eat peanuts, you'd better not peel the peanuts out of



tomato skin is mainly composed of dietary fiber


for the intestinal tract

tomato skin is very thin

don't worry about the release of

when cooking.