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original title: Trinidad within half a year sixth times by the regulatory letter submitted by questioning the risk disclosure | Beijing SEEC

Beijing News (reporter Wang Quanhao) on the evening of December 25th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange once again issued a letter of supervision to the insurance company, asking for a thousand miles to check whether there is an undisclosed risk item, and prompt the stock risk as soon as possible.

's regulatory work disclosed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange shows that the Shanghai Stock Exchange has asked for thousands of miles to check whether there are other undisclosed risk matters, and comprehensively assess the possible impact on the company.

According to the announcement of

, its main bank account has been frozen. The amount that has been frozen accounts for about 75.31% of the company's cash balance. Meanwhile, there is a large amount of violation guarantee. It has touched the case of stock market listing 13.3.1, which implements other risk warning for stock. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is required to apply for the application in a timely manner.

at the same time, the Shanghai stock exchange requires the board of directors to protect the exact loss and the impact on the company as soon as possible, and make a feasible recovery plan as soon as possible.

Prior to

, the announcement showed that the shares held by Zhuang Min, the former controller of the company, were all frozen by law, and the company's actual controller was changed to Zhou Peiqin through agreement arrangement. But Zhou Peiqin didn't take the responsibility and did not participate in the major decisions. He didn't give instructions or plans to the company's major matters. He may give up the voting rights, nomination and proposal rights of the 25% companies in the future.


Shanghai stock exchange requires the board of directors to verify the actual situation of the company's actual control rights, and formulate corresponding countermeasures for the risk of the company's control status change, and disclose it in a timely manner.

is worth noting that this is the sixth half of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in half a year. During the five months of the suspension of the company, the company was reluctant to resume licensing due to the continuous fermentation of negative issues. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has issued a number of supervision letters to this end, and urged the company to abide by the rules of the stop and return card, and request the company to apply for the return of the stock after the full disclosure of information.

7 on Sept. 25, August 10th, August 23rd, October 30th, November 16th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a five letter of supervision, on the suspension of relevant issues in which fifth inquiries, inquiries and require the company to verify the sensitivity of the company's assets by Zhuang and Zhuang sensitive equity entrusted the real purpose, require the company to Dong Jiangao and the relevant responsible person with diligence when the effective disposal of risk, try to recover the losses, maintain stable operation.

Author: Wang Quanhao return to the Sohu, see more


From: 保千里半年内第六次被发监管函 上交所追问风险披露 |新京报财讯
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