Anti physical intrusion with the help of APP? Snowden's new plan is a little bit

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original title: using APP to prevent physical intrusion? Snowden's new plan is a bit of a

has revealed the CIA and the famous Snowden recently on the technology headlines. During the Christmas season, he launched an open source project called Haven, which is able to mobilize all kinds of sensors of mobile devices to monitor and record house transactions, and send alerts to users' mobile phones through encrypted channels.

users have greatly, some people think that the neurotic products from the commercial value perspective, is not universal". It can attract people who have extreme demands for "anti surveillance".

was watching a video about this open source project, California University of Santa Barbara College of engineering students for science and Technology Daily reporter Jian Xiang explained how it works: Haven Android mobile phone will be installed on the computer near the mobile phone camera, microphone and accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensing equipment etc. all kinds of sensor components will be effectively mobilized, carry out their duties, to become a mobile phone to ambient transaction "detector".

"this is not a new product concept, and now it has the same kind of smart home products." Network security start-up company co-founder, vice president Wu Zhixiang technology Dr. Sonneratia Technology Daily reporter said, "Snowden's approach is similar to the home surveillance camera products, equivalent to install Haven using a mobile phone as a remote monitoring camera, and through cloud monitoring video data transmission. This is not a perfect product, the effect of application needs to be observed and tested. "

Snowden wanted to protect the security of the offline information. When you are not next to the computer, Haven monitors the possible changes in the environment and the physical intrusion, not the hacker.

does it come to mind that our personal computer can get absolute security? Just as American opera or literary works show, using remote control can open our computers and cameras. Will it be true? Wu Haisang said that if the device itself has security holes, or the protection mechanism is not perfect, hackers can manipulate personal devices remotely through vulnerabilities and Backdoors. (Science and technology daily Beijing December 27)

Author: Science and technology daily in Beijing in December 27, return to the Sohu, see more


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