Dong Mingzhu then put the rhetoric, but for the "1 billion" game, she finally changed!

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original title: Dong Mingzhu again put rhetoric, but for the "1 billion" game, she finally changed!

since GREE's entry into the mobile phone industry, Dong Mingzhu on various occasions a high-profile "puff", but in the other was Dong Mingzhu the gangster, millet Lei Jun is the largest in the gun should be.

in this case, Dong Mingzhu stressed, "I'm not saying that millet is not bad." The audience at the scene made a laugh.

review the development of GREE mobile phone:

2015, the first generation GREE mobile phone came out, the price of 1600 yuan, only sell goods to the dealer.

2016, the 2 generation of GREE mobile phones, but there was no foreign sale.

2017 in June, named "new" third generation GREE mobile phone market, priced 3200 yuan, finally opened for sale.

the first two mobile phones are not known, but the third generation of GREE mobile phones are no one on the Internet, and the sales are dismal.

take Jingdong as an example, GREE mobile 2 generation 90+ evaluation, although the number of evaluation does not represent the final purchase number, but still can not cover up its downturn.

After the

visible, the gap between the two is gradually shrinking, in accordance with this trend, millet anti GREE is not an impossible thing.

although Dong Mingzhu still strong refused to admit defeat, but in a recent interview she has slightly says: "I believe I can win, in fact want money really is not too important, more is through such a big incentive (form), I think it is more let more people have a passion."

retrospect. Five years ago, the sales volume of Xiaomi was only 1/8 of that of GREE. When Dong Mingzhu had vowed to increase gambling, it was full of confidence. Now that the deadline will come, Dong Mingzhu seems to be no longer aggressive for the promise of "1 billion gamble".

so, users have also speculated that Dong Mingzhu or Lei Jun will lose 1 billion, next year will see how things losers. return to the Sohu, see more


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