7 cents a kilo of the material to do this, 15 minutes to make a meal! The lazy people all love to eat this!

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original title: 7 cents a jin of material to do this, 15 minutes to make a meal! The lazy people all love to eat this!

this is really a dish that leaves the potato in the house and doesn't want to go out to buy food.

actually used our words as potato silk cake, but without flour and eggs, it is simply fried with butter, super saving

uses the starch of the potato itself to form the stickiness and then fry it dry to form a crisp and crisp sense of

is sometimes so lazy that he doesn't want to do anything, but he doesn't want to eat out for fear of not being clean,

so the same as I can try this slacker practice.

quantity: 1 people

time: 15 minutes

material: potato one, salt 1/2 teaspoon, cumin powder one teaspoon, butter 15 grams


1, peel the potatoes after washing them clean, and then wipe the silk

2, salt and cumin powder, you can also add black pepper and something, and there's a good barbecue sauce,

3, mix all the materials with

4, flat bottom nonstick pan with butter, melt in liquid

5, then pour into the potatoes, try to spread out. I should divide it into two pots, one pot a little.

6, press with a shovel, and start pancakes,

7, it's about five or six minutes, and the face is cooked at the bottom, so you can turn it over and fry the other side.

potato cake can be eaten directly or cut in small pieces.

aunt nagging:

Potato cake

1, steamer turning is not very good, this is my two in a pan over the whole, so that we can be a small piece of a small potatoes to make fried, do not like me a piece of fried bad turn.

2, seasoning can be adjusted according to the taste you like, without butter is changed into ordinary oil.

3, the time of the fried noodles is flexibly adjusted according to the thickness of the potato pancake. That is to say, the dried ones with fried noodles are all right. In order to avoid the paste pot, it can be decocted slowly with medium and small fires. return to the Sohu, see more


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