Practice: can the house of four or five line city be bought in 2018? How to judge?

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original title: practical article: can the house of four or five line city be bought in 2018? How to judge?

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yesterday's article was not long, some sensitive, in order to avoid the risk, have to delete. The full text is on my knowledge planet and another spare WeChat public number (cherry big fortune), and what you want to see can be paid attention to.

many people leave a message to me, can the house in old city and county be able to invest now? Let me talk about this topic again today.

23" day ", Wang Menghui, Minister of housing and construction, pointed out that

from the three years to the effect of inventory, the first and second line and part of the three or four line of stock have been successfully removed, and also caused a big rise in house prices.

as the current inventory has not been removed, the next will continue to go to , which means it will be 2018, the current price is not rising (already rose does not include) part of the three or four line of the city and county of five line up , specific or I will not convenient public prediction, afraid of tea.


some people doubt that the four or five line of housing prices will go up. There is no industry and no population inflow. The housing vacancy rate is high. It has not risen since 2011. What is the price of housing rising? Who will buy it?

these are not problems, from around the house prices, this year has been in a lot of the four or five line of the city rising, conditions are not to go, but there is a shed with directional loose monetary funds wheeled and then decrease for a few, the most expensive land speculation, prices naturally rose. No doubt, what the Money talks, bullshit walks.

Where does the

demand come from? There are four parts.

The first

, I have said many times, in many small city, originally need not shed house are included in the shed, demolition of the people have to buy a house, made a large number of housing demand, from a national perspective, to go to the studio to change the inventory area accounted for about 17%, but his contribution not only that, because of the studio to change, can bring the whole market, causing housing prices are expected to allow more people to join the sales force.

second, in a second tier city workers, originally did not intend to buy a house in the county, but the house prices rose too fast, can not afford to buy, afraid of the county city can not afford is bad, had to settle for second, go to town to buy a nest for a pit.

third, in the rural areas of the city and county, for children to go to school, or to marry a wife, must go to the city to buy a house.

fourth, , foreign investors, some of them are out of town and county, some of them are next door cities and counties. After seeing 123 lines of rising house prices, they feel that housing prices in cities and counties are cheap, they sell up and earn a ticket.

everyone will rise in local housing prices have doubts with profound respect and humility, who then set? But when the market is irrational, have a bit of money and don't know what to invest the time, many people will be driven by the emotional side, regardless of personal danger involved.

It is no doubt that the housing price of the county level city of the city of

, which began to rise in 2018, continues to rise. The key to is to buy it? This is to be seen separately.

, if is self occupied or improved , especially the city with only three thousand or four thousand yuan of housing price, don't ask me. Now you can buy it with your eyes closed. Don't wait until next year's rise to six thousand or seven thousand. You can also remind your friends that they want to buy a house without buying a house, if they want to buy a house, if they are self occupied, they will also need to borrow money, because their information is lagging behind. They are not worried now.

small city although many people, but compared to rural areas, the future is still the last place desire from the rural life in the young man to marry a wife at home, before the cover building can not now, have to buy a house in the city, my hometown is that several bachelors, nearly thirty years is still single, no house again, no money, the girl will be with you. Can not afford to buy the second line, the provincial capital, can not afford to buy the second line, the worst to the county to the town to buy a suite.

if is your first investment account, yesterday I went with them in the knowledge on the planet is over, if the prices are now 4000, buy a new 140 room three, total 560 thousand, down 2, 120 thousand, 440 thousand loans, according to the first set interest rate of 10%, for 2500 months yuan. It will take two or three years to buy a new sign contract to check in, and you have no rent income during this period.

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