Do big things again! 2017 across the year, the people of Changsha should go here...

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Where did

go? Of course, it's the north of the city.

there are absolutely Changsha people across the year

is the most popular place!

because there is Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

mango Taiwan cross year party

finally returned to Changsha this year!

also because there are Changsha world window here!

super wonderful new year, New Year activities

accompany you hey you laugh at the end of the year, new year!

hastened to look at the window of the world,

What wonderful gifts have

prepared for everyone!

takes "happiness" as the main melody

famous red nose clown artist

will bring wonderful performance!

and the red nose parent-child Park and the fairy tale Photo Gallery

2018 New Year holidays


let the family have fun!

joyful clown is equipped to send

free of charge

red nose day don't worry about no equipment!

each visitor to the garden by hand tickets

you can get a free set of clown equipment

happy clown welcome

Chaplin, stilt,


juggling man, Balloon Magician

everywhere there is a variety of funny role

with them to take a photo, and dance with them

happy new year and fun to play with everyone!

happy new year show

it's absolutely the most funny show in 2017,

famous clown's burst of laughter, balloon magic,

brings you into a laughing show,

join the feast of joy, let you start laughing!