With wonton skin soup rice, add this step, can promote digestion can appetizer, suitable for the elderly and children

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original title: wonton skin do rice soup, add this step, can promote digestion can appetizer, suitable for the elderly children

" is always in a hurry. That day, it ran away to buy dumpling skin and wonton skin, ready to make some dumplings and wonton to make breakfast, but when it was busy, it didn't go to buy meat stuffing. Always like this, either bought the meat stuffing didn't have time to buy skin, meat stuffing into fried minced meat or fried meat, or bought leather and not ready for these fillings, Pippi had to be Griddle Cake or other. Maybe you think, how can you do it, not go to a dish or a supermarket to buy it all back? Sometimes life is not what we imagined convenient to buy good quality filling and skin, they are not in the same market, when buying leather is probably just passing by and bought, when buying the stuffing may be specialized to buy, but really no time to buy leather. Not so much time to spend ah, the feeling is the count every minute and second.

", dumpling skin and wonton skin, besides stuffing, there are many delicious ways to eat. For example, dumpling skin can make thousands of layers of cake, make pancakes, and have many ways to eat. Wonton skin also has a lot to eat, can cook sour patches, for instance today eat, taste is especially beautiful.

mother said this digestion, when we were young, if occasionally appetite is not good, we are to do this meal, eat well.

main material: wonton skin

ingredients: tomato egg carrot cucumber green bean curd skin (not limited to these vegetables, can also have black fungus, kelp, shrimp etc) < /p>

seasoning: salt soy sauce vinegar salad oil and sesame oil

coriander chili oil


prepared wonton skin, because the wonton skin is thin, more suitable for doing so, dumpling skin is really not good, too thick is not delicious. I really want to do it. You need to roll the dumpling skin by hand.

pan preheating, do not brush oil, put on the wonton skin, small fire dry branding.

hardened after


is branded on both sides and out of the pot. A branded wonton skin.

prepares the ingredients.

cucumber, carrot, bean curd skin to cut the knife slice.

eggs are set aside.

pan pour the oil pan, pour into the fried egg shaped.

and stir fry.

into the water or broth boil.

has been branded the surface of the pan.

and cook, add soy sauce, salt, vinegar, then pour sesame oil off the fire, put incense dish broken.