Beckham's family is in love again! Drink 1 bottles of Wine over Christmas

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Two days ago

Beckham on Ins Slide Show show affection, posted a warm scene to spend Christmas with family members.

Beckham bask in a Christmas to use the value of 1280 pounds (11 thousand yuan contract) 2000 year Margot, and mother love pink cocktail.

2000 year Margot: international wine critic Robert Parker once gave a high evaluation of 99 points, the first Asian Wine master Li Zhiyan gave 98 points. Li Zhiyan commented that this wine has a complex flavor, with violet, jasmine, berries and sweet spices and long aftertaste. It is one of the best wines in 2000 years.

Broolyn was also going to try this pink cocktail, but sister-in-law followed a line, "he didn't like the grandmother's wine."

this is a bottle of rum into coffee, specifically for Victoria Beckham is private custom label, the funny figure.

Christmas Eve Beckham plays Santa Claus, and Mrs. Beck's sister - in law "what is the burglar power of Santa Claus?" (just out of the malls chimney, without the cashier?)

Christmas morning, Beckham uploaded Santa Claus wrote her a letter, the letter said, four children (15 year old Romeo, 12 year old Cruz, 6 year old seven, and 18 year old Broolyn) had a great performance, thanks to the children left him a pie, chocolate and milk. In addition, he found that "Rudolf likes its carrots very much" and will meet again next year.

this is David Beckham and daughter seven together

18, and Santa Claus



Romeo and sister-in-law


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