Give you N a reason to fall in love with the big horse

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original title: give you a reason for N to fall in love with big horses,

no, no, no, the same way finally opened the global plan of customer experience!!! The first station in Malaysia to become one of the most interesting quest, or go to interesting places!

Sunway lagoon

Selangor sunset

million Yalan spa

MAPS anime amusement park drifting performance

Baya island coast

Langkawi Eagle Square

Istana Negara, Malaysia,

National Mosque, Malaysia,


Johor theme park

Kuala Lumpur night scene

of the Victory Square in Kuala Lumpur

said Malaysia had not visited for my impression only stay in Bak-Kut-The, ancient Penang, the hot sun of the Langkawi, the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, however, as has the charm of Asia said Malaysia is just because of these popular? Of course, far more than that, and the purpose of our trip is to find cities and landmarks that are not yet known but full of fun. Next, please follow the footsteps of visitors to open the wonderful wonderful journey of Malaysia.

about me

the same way check guest star signing New Zealand M.O.A Gallery Hotel contract photographer photographers Asian Duo "the age" contributing photographer "Life Weekly" "swim" Magazine Photographer Lotto cooperation columnist micro-blog signed cooperation from the media Canon social media photographers also senior documentary photographer

about itinerary

Day1: Shanghai - Kuala Lumpur - Selangor


collection: according to the above notice the group time at Pudong International Airport set

relay: take international flights to Kuala Lumpur and pick up

view: after the airport to Sunway theme park is located in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur to play, after lunch go to Selangor, to Kuala Selangor to see the fireflies after sunset.

lunch: Sunway Park

group dinner: Hua Kuala Selangor Seafood House (enjoy one of the best restaurants along the river sunset)

Hotel: Kuala Lumpur Sunway Pyramids Hotel

Day2: Selangor - Ipoh - Penang

: after breakfast travel to visit C'estbon, Beijing Institute of radiation medicine Spa Resort, visit the Malaysia animation Park MAPS, according to the specified collection time to go to Penang this afternoon.

Breakfast at

: breakfast in the hotel

lunch: Yi Baoan sprouts Shahe chicken powder

dinner: Penang new Guan Chai Jiao night market snack (one of the most famous night markets in Penang)

Hotel: Penang Sunway George Town Hotel

Day3: Penang - Langkawi

: after breakfast travel to Taiwan at the floating Baya island tour, and visit the Baya island of Ocean Park

Breakfast at

: breakfast in the hotel

lunch: Pulau payar floating platform buffet

: the Verbatim made seafood dinner

Hotel: Langkawi Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Day4: Langkawi - Kuala Lumpur

trip: after breakfast, we go to Penang by boat, then go back to Kuala Lumpur by car, sightseeing in the city, visit the Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur tower

Breakfast at

: breakfast in the hotel

lunch: Kuala Lumpur Xinfeng Bak-Kut-The

dinner: MENARA revolving restaurant in Kuala Lumpur TV Tower,

Hotel: Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Day5: Kuala Lumpur Bahru -

travel: to visit the Lego

theme park johorBreakfast at

: breakfast in the hotel

luncheon: the theme restaurant of Lego theme park

dinner: Lego theme hotel restaurant buffet dinner

: Hotel Johor le

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