Zhong Zhengsheng: house price stage expected stable self housing and improved housing purchase purchase

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original title: Zhong Zhengsheng: house price phase expected stable self housing and improved housing when buying

xinhuanet.com Beijing 14 December Xinhua recently, the new financial think tank of moneta chairman and chief economist Zhong Zhengsheng guest xinhuanet.com combined with today's headlines "organized by the" Ming rule, general risk securities investment forum online activities. Zhong Zhengsheng said that the current real estate market participation or not, need to consider its own actual factors. According to the current situation of real estate regulation, housing prices should be relatively stable for a period of time. It is suggested that self occupied housing should be bought properly, and speculative or investment oriented housing needs to be cautious.

it is hard to tell whether the current real estate market, for investors, should be involved. If you are a self - living or improved house, I suggest you have money to buy. According to the current situation of the regulation of real estate prices, a period of time should be relatively stable, but if you want to do investment, speculative investors, cautious wait-and-see attitude, after all aspects of the transaction and tax will be more and more serious, the amount of money can bear the key.

for example, one of my friends rented a house in Shanghai, and the rent of a year was tens of thousands. Why did he ask his landlord not to sell it? Because the landlord is the about 1000000 house to buy, has now risen to about 10000000 of the market, he said you sold the house soon get quickly get 10 million, you investment bank financial products 4% years now easily get revenue, a year to earn 400 thousand, you rent me to earn hundreds of thousands a year. The loss of 300 thousand, why don't you sell? There is an expected on the inside, this is a period of time the price is stable, prices may have a period of time or even a rebound, but I want to say in such a strict regulation of real estate, the parties are expected to change, prices will not always steady here, which look like the direction of a breakthrough.

, therefore, if you are self occupied or improved, you can buy it, especially for a second tier city or a core area. The scope of fluctuation is relatively narrow. If speculative or investment housing is advised to participate cautiously, return to the Sohu, see more


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