Apple a failure should pay so much money, who can't afford

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original title: apple a mistake had to pay so much money: she can't afford

got the apple to weaken the old iPhone raise a Babel of criticism of a performance did not subside, some angry fruit powder and lawyers involved.

, according to SoftPedia's combing, one of 's suits is up to 999 billion dollars, which is directly related to the rhythm of Apple's failure, because its total market capitalization is only 875 billion 700 million dollars.


plaintiff claims that the Apple's fault lies at three:

1, to reduce the performance to extend the endurance and prevent accidental shutdown, did not inform the user in advance;

2, those who choose to change the new money because of the slow performance are actually blinded;

3, iOS updates are not added to the description of the performance weakening, and there is no reminder that users can choose not to update the way to avoid performance is weakened.

in addition, some users also say that it is basically disappointed with the apple and will switch to the Android platform in the future.

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From: 苹果一失误竟要赔这么多钱:卖身都还不起
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