Will you be a "empty nest" after you graduate from college?

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original title: will you be a "empty nest" after graduation from university?

in addition to empty nest elderly, there are empty nest young people. What do you think about this thing?

by GA

atchoo MeierThe word "

" seems too cruel. When young people struggling in big cities are suddenly categorized by this noun, some people say, "they still think they are fighting in big cities." This is a slight heart acid. And as we go to graduation, we go to the bone of the bone, and we are more and more grateful for this word. When I leave home and read a university in the field, it seems to be doomed to be unable to return to his hometown after graduation.

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, and young people often don't want to go back to their small cities in their hometown. Their job opportunities, economic benefits and social life are often not able to meet young people's life. There are too many young people who are willing to work hard and go to big cities. But a lot of young people feel great hardships because of the huge work pressure and the lonely living environment in big cities. They don't want to share their hard work with their parents far away from home. They think they are already adults but don't want their families to worry about themselves. So they often choose to suppress their emotions.

but the city is too big, but the workplace intrigue is terrible, they learned to wear masks and colleagues to deal with, they learn to shut up the truth, so the relationship between people and people become more complex, in this the cold city, more difficult to make a new good friend.

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has no relatives, no friends, no partners, that is the living conditions of too many young people in the big cities.

, their minds are full of contradictions. They want to go back to their hometown, where there are friends and relatives, but they cannot afford to rush out of a world. They want to stay in big cities, but they are really too hard and sad, lonely and helpless. The contradiction between the size and the size of the city is difficult to reconcile, and it is not known how many years it will be possible to solve it. "Nobody asks me the temperature of my porridge. No one has dusk with me." In a word, is enough to express all alone in a big city the hard work of the aspirations of young people, and I hope that even if hard, home is still your strongest fortress; even if the hard side still has friends. Hope that a single person in the work you can very quickly harvest you want, all you want, no matter what. If you think about it, it's enough. Chirp ~

by morning

"empty nest youth" refers to young people struggling to fight in big cities. They are far away from their hometown and relatives, living alone, lack of emotional sustenance, and no family life. In fact, the "ant tribe", "northern drift" such words describe the state and the difference is to teach five mixed situation character. Romain Rolland said: there is only one heroism in the world, that is to love life after recognizing the truth of life. "Empty nest youth" may be the best interpretation of heroism. It looks like a lot of young people who dream of going to big cities, even if they don't think about reality.

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, but in fact, most young people do not have heroic illusions about their actions, nor do they feel that they are in order to fulfill certain mission, but for a better life.

most of them are just forced to choose the "empty nest youth" this truth, because of the small city is no longer his hometown, many young people in the hometown of the lack of favorable family background and personal circle, had to flee to a relatively small city, fair and free cities to seek a breakthrough. As a result, many "empty nest young people" are drifting in the big cities, not just like this, but also have to do so. Faced with the helplessness and embarrassment of life, the difficult and brave choice made.

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, in fact, is the word "lonely" that is most associated with the "empty nest". I don't know when to start, and loneliness seems to be the inescapable mood of the people living in this world.

some people take the initiative to choose loneliness, that it is the only way to save a pure spiritual world and self space for themselves; and more people are passive alone, thousands on thousands of "empty nest youth" in the face of life and work under pressure, to attend to their own emotional world.

if you have not experienced such a life, you can not understand the loneliness and suffering of it. No matter how late it is to come home to greet you, there is only the silent darkness, no matter how tired it is, there is no shoulder to rely on; no matter how fragile it is, it can only carry on by itself; no matter how much we want it, we cannot rely on all requests.

does not know when such a life is

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