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under the original title: PubMed declared yesterday. The mystery of


| Feng Wei

yesterday, micro-blog broke the 2018 postgraduate mathematics subjects suspected events declared yesterday.

users found a man named "Li Lin" teacher, the topic of video content and examination content sites are similar, more surprisingly, one of the exercises syllabus actually appear in the examination questions in this year.

and the Ministry of education official WeChat dissatisfied Education issued a statement: "the Ministry of Education Examination Center has organized experts on video materials were judged, confirmed for example are different with the real test."

In fact,

, in the 46 grade, and the postgraduate public examination, teacher predicts this is a common phenomenon.

charge, charge, how was the problem "and" out?

annual exam training institutions and teacher will "charge", that is we. The charge charges are predicted in the exam than ordinary teaching classes to be expensive, from a few thousand to tens of thousands, and the registration of candidates is still in a continuous line.

so, this topic course, in the end do not reliable?

actually, the direction of the exam subject is traceable, taking the postgraduate examination public subjects as an example of political and English as an example.

political test, the leading thought generally clear, it mostly associated with the hot current affairs, as long as to the current policy and situation, the topic is not difficult. A teacher revealed that the attribute of political prediction is more "afraid you know what I do, you do not know what I do" logic.

English tests also have similar ideas, the most obvious is that the teacher combed the composition of the composition of the topic and the framework, set up key words, let students apply. A graduate student in a grade school said, "as long as the preparation is based on the concept framework, the score will not be too low. I have recited more than 10 questions before, even if I meet new materials, I can set up old contents."


exam is how to be taken out of the topic?

it is understood that the current way is the main topic aim in two ways: first, through the relevant contacts, the direction of the exam to get some or a word or two; second, teachers in teaching and research, in-depth study of the proposition of law and social hot spots, and then analysis and integration, anticipation.

"most of the institutions are the latter, and it's white, that is to guess the knowledge point." A practitioner says.

however, compared to the liberal arts subjects, the questioning releases the topic mathematics seems to be not so easy to use. Maths is not hot, changes in the form of more than 200 sites and the fusion of the knowledge, make mathematics have become "the most pull" subjects.

yes, a year after the end of the exam, it will be declared yesterday. Rumors are discussed, but why the Li Lin incident is particularly of concern?

"maybe this year's math is the most difficult." A person in the industry said.

to a micro-blog screenshot of the content, the question is mainly focused on the same examination points and the appearance of the outline of the outline.

"in addition to the event itself may cause the existence of doubt, event fermentation is the candidate's sorrow," a postgraduate training practitioners said: "this is the most difficult of postgraduate mathematics history, a student said to himself in the 12 months' review, has carried out a test ', enough to see its difficulty."


broke the news releases the topic will undoubtedly provide a fuse for students, anger.

, no matter how to predict before examination, the post examination institution will declare "hit the original question" -- one of the marketing means of most of the industry organizations, and its routines will be more than that.

declared yesterday, you can get real "part of organization marketing routine

"how do you know all those messages must be examinees? Some agencies put this "as their own marketing topic."." The founder of a Postgraduate Institute accepted the interview with the multi - net.

Through understanding,

found that some of the examinees will "hint" on the examinees in non - public situations and have channels to get the original questions as a selling point.

again looked at the publicity pages of every graduate institute, and almost all of the "X road questions in depot" were similar.

for examinees, the most concern is the final exam results. Running for the examinee's mentality, all sorts of exaggerated and false marketing means emerge in an endless stream:

one, the hit rate

will release good news in many institutions in charge of public examination, the original title or the number of specific content, more good news in the content industry to competition posture:

"hit rate is the first in the country", "hit the original question of entrance examination, shock the education industry", "in our place, the central question is very normal"...

, a practitioner, said, "as long as the examination appears in any class, a lecture, or a teacher's micro-blog, it is a hit." So, everyone can say that he hit the original problem. "