There is a kind of food, rough over the finger, long 20cm, and drenched in a layer of lobster sauce. How do you feel?

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original title: how does it feel that there is a kind of food that is rough fingers, over 20cm, and is covered with lobster sauce.

there is a kind of food, rough over the finger,

there is a kind of food, longer than 20cm,

so that thousands of chowhound go,

skipping class is also going to eat!

it is -- fries.

want to forget the taste

of McDonald's and ketchup

eating high sense of French fries?!

one Jun quietly found ~

and not the same as those with the outside!!

to make up the brain to eat French fries when you this picture

grinder winch hamburger

address: No. 1097, Wuding Road,

per capita: 85 yuan

Wuding road is the road network must punch red ~ Black and yellow eye-catching sign, is a very authentic American burger, cost-effective, also a lot of ~

goose liver beef hamburger,

beef burger salmon is also good, but I love her even more fries Jun. To say good French fries is to eat more than to feel greasy but still keep the fresh and fresh heat, his home is ~


single point with potato , can satisfy the desire for meat, and do not worry about the heat will be too high, with a good to eat to meet ~

JR Recipe common bluegrass diet

address: first floor of Building No. 2, No. 3, Fenyang Road (near Huaihai Middle Road)

per capita: 143 yuan

shredded pork cooked very tasty, large fries crisp is out of joy, while also providing three dips, strongly recommended ~

From: 有一种食物,粗过手指,长过20cm,被淋上一层龙虾酱汁,是何感受?
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