Smash the scorn of the chain provident fund for the purchase of rights

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original title: Smash contemptuous chain provident fund purchase rights

Beijing commercial newspaper news (reporter Jiang Mengwei Zhang Chang) in order to better meet the residential needs, provident fund loans will play a greater role. In December 26th, the official website of Ministry of housing issued a news report that recently, some real estate development enterprises refused to purchase housing accumulation fund loans, which seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of employees. In this regard, the day before, the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of finance, central bank, Ministry jointly issued the "notice on the maintenance of employee housing provident fund deposit loan purchase rights" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), clear developers to provide a written commitment to buyers who use the housing provident fund loans, and the provisions of publicity and many other real estate sales site maintenance, buyers who use provident fund loans for the purchase of rights.

"housing provident fund is to solve the housing problems of workers of special funds, in accordance with the current regulations, the continuous, full housing provident fund deposit 6 months (inclusive) above, you can apply for individual housing loans to the housing provident fund management center, and the current housing provident fund individual housing loan interest rate is 3.25%, much lower than the commercial bank personal housing loan interest rates the Ministry of housing, the relevant person in charge.

specifically, in order to guarantee the use of provident fund loans for buyers in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, the "notice" requires that the housing construction department should strengthen the supervision of the real estate market. When a real estate development enterprise sells commercial housing, it must provide a written promise not to refuse the purchase of the housing accumulation fund loan, and to publicize it at the scene of the real estate sale. Real estate development enterprises should earnestly fulfill their commitments, not to increase the housing sales price, reduce the price discount etc., restrict and obstruct and refused to purchase one use of housing provident fund loans, shall not require or disguised houses were required to sign a written document to voluntarily give up the rights of housing provident fund loans.

at the same time, the notice also requires local housing construction departments and housing provident fund management centers to jointly carry out special rectification actions to refrain from using housing accumulation fund loans to buy houses, and crack down on violations of real estate development enterprises and housing sales agencies. At the same time, it is required to strengthen the supervision and inspection work of the housing and construction offices in all provinces and autonomous regions.

in the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei seems that the deal for the willingness to use provident fund loans for the purchase of consumers is obviously good, because of the use of the low price of the provident fund loans can effectively reduce the cost of purchase, "taking Beijing as an example, the same is the first suite of loans, loan period of 25 years, compared to commercial loans, provident fund loans for the month can the reduction of 1442 yuan, 25 years the interest rate differential is as high as 432 thousand and 800 yuan". Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin said that the current housing prices there are many buyers refuse to use provident fund loans, and actively promote the full amount of the purchase or commercial housing loans, housing prices may be related to the pressure of its own funds, in order to speed up the return of funds, many developers have more preference for short cycle, fast return mode.

"Although the

deal is conducive to greater play to the role of fund, but the loan amount is low problem" in the current property buyers in the use of provident fund loans generally encountered, Zhang Dawei told the Beijing Daily reporter, the Beijing real estate market, the provident fund loan limit is 1 million 200 thousand yuan, but a good location of the housing price exceeded 5 million yuan. This means that the use of provident fund loans is less part of the down payment ability of the buyers.

it is understood that in addition to provident fund loans and commercial loans, there are still some buyers on the market choose a combination of provident fund and commercial loan loan mode, but due to many restrictions, the actual choice of consumers is less. Housing loan service providers earn, director of brand operations center financial Wu Hao said the loan portfolio of commercial loans in the purchase will be to identify the standard, which is detrimental to the buyers, "if the buyers had loan records but has paid off, want to re purchase, pure provident fund loans will identify new is the first suite loan portfolio is; from commercial loans, that houses two suites, Shoufu ratio will increase accordingly". Wu Hao introduced, because of a variety of reasons, the combination of loans for the first suite or small apartment housing demand.

insiders pointed out that the "notice" is conducive to better play the role of the provident fund loans, but also to see that in recent years China's real estate market has undergone great changes, the specific institutional arrangements of China provident fund loans should also be timely adjusted, thus increasing the difficulty to avoid the buyers just need buyers.

in this regard, Zhang Dawei said, in order to better meet the actual needs of low-income workers housing provident fund system, over the decades to the time the node needs to adjust the current of our country, for example, directed to low-income groups support, increase the amount, or learn German Cooperative Housing model, housing cooperatives and other forms. To pay the provident fund low income people living with improved housing. In addition, the establishment of the State Housing Bank is also imminent. Only by expanding the sources of loan funds can we truly become a policy tool for employees to buy houses. From: 击碎鄙视链 公积金购房维权
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