38800 of a year's credit card: it can block the bullet, it is its most insignificant function

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original title: annual fee 38800 credit card: can block the bullet, it is its most insignificant function

> big, you have an appointment with a girl, choose a French restaurant, you will see a perfect night.

> until the waitress puts the black clip with the bill in front of it. You can't pay for mobile phone two dimensional code. has to take out a credit card printed with "congratulations on making money", so all efforts will be destroyed overnight.

, you know, credit card is a man's second face, he can see what credit card he is.

"king of glory" and "One Piece" pattern of credit card is Indoorsman, with full currency credit card is to go abroad for business men, and with a platinum credit card is always so simple I rich kang...

if you see someone who brings out a black card and a knight card with a helmet in the middle, you must make friends with him --


this is from American Express lineage "Centurion Card - the centurion black card", referred to as the "black card", the man who has it, will undoubtedly is invisible rich.

first, mystical.

who has a black card? No one knows. legend, black card holders include Wang Sicong, Tony Leung, and holds a license to kill the British group six agents in 007, but it is only a legend.

especially in China, titanium metal material at home and abroad and all applicable only black card, China Merchants Bank credit card in cooperation with the American Express issued "China Merchants Bank express Centurion black card", China Merchants Bank credit card can be tight lipped about customer information.

known information only: China Merchants Bank titanium metal Centurion black gold, only the annual fee will be 38800 yuan, the highest in Asia; not to accept the application, only to be invited to become China Merchants Bank credit card black card cardholders.

and extravagance.

black production to use the United States Germany and France, 4 countries China production supply base.

light is card, will need to spend 3 months time to complete, the weighs only 15 grams, it can resist bullets.

Canada last December, a man named Riaz Mamdani's assassination, a shot was a chest, but he was only slightly injured, miraculously survived -- to help him stop the bullet saved a life, it is dress bag purse titanium Centurion black gold.

in mystery and luxury, the biggest feature is equal to anything black.

express Centurion black gold service team called "TLS style=" - American Express Travel and living concierge service team "

as long as you think, as long as they don't offend, they can all help you realize:

a black card customers want to investment China antique ceramics, looking for people to help identify the authenticity

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