It is not worth buying the new AX7 value of the 110 thousand Dongfeng Fengshen.

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[Sohu car truth laboratory] (picture / hahahao Zhao) Dongfeng Fengshen new AX7 was just listed on 21 and sold for $10.78-13.18 million. This time I came to Suzhou and tried to drive the new car on the day of its listing. Comprehensive facelift T power car is one of the highlights of important, particularly the introduction of the Peugeot Citroen models have become very popular on the 1.6T engine, so that the new AX7 dynamic performance is worth looking forward to. In this article, we start with the changes in the new AX7 and the driving feelings that match the new driving force to introduce the new car in detail.

first, , this time I tried to drive a sub top car equipped with 1.6T engine, that is, luxury, priced at 119 thousand and 800 yuan. The related configuration below in will also be based on this vehicle.

- Design

New AX7 has changed the brand new front face, headlights, grille and fog lamp area. It has been completely designed and refreshing. do not know whether it has learned from the design of the Peugeot headlamp. The new AX7 headlights also follow the trend, and use the "missing corner" shape, the edges appear more sharp, which is more aggressive than the old ones. The headlight is still using a halogen light source, lamp with lens. It's a pity that even the top matching car doesn't use LED headlights. The LED's day light is a mark, which is incorporated into the light group and outlines the front headlights.


three banners chrome plated middle structure has little difference compared with the old ones, but the size has been properly adjusted to fit the new headlamp shape. The lower grille used a large area of black plastic, the fog lamp area was plated with chrome plated edges, and fog lights and steering lights were put together. The overall level of the front face is still more prominent, but the lines are a little bit messy.

Dongfeng Fengshen AX series overall design style is still in the exploration, has not formed a complete family style, the AX series models, the design of a wide variety, each model in the new shape try, do not know whether the new AX7 for the whole family style tone, we also see the following models.

New Fengshen AX7 body size did not change obviously, only slight increase in body height, length and wheelbase did not change. Line from the A column before and after the door through the side of the body, and finally the taillights connected side windows using chrome package, doorknobs are all using chrome material, adds a bright dull appearance.

new double color hub modeling, although not very eye-catching, but still beautiful. The tire is a horse brand, with a specification of 225/60 R18, although it is only used in the top and sub - matching models, but it does lead the same level.

the first eye looks like a big change, but it's just a small adjustment compared to the change in the front face. Mainly because the tail lamp set a new design, the word "D" shape of the taillights lit light has a higher degree of recognition, but also uses a lamp group design effect blackened, looks more outstanding texture. In addition, prior to the "Aeolus" English "AEOLUS" to replace the Fengshen LOGO, is a performance with flight, I believe many of my friends look how many will feel a little sense of violation.

- Interior Design

New AX7

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