70, after 80, have ever thought of "people are still, money is gone, there are old people have small", what should you do?

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original title: 70, after 80, have you ever thought "people are still there, money is gone, there are old ones and small ones". What should you do?

recently listened to all the experts about the old age on several different occasions. After the end of the hearing, the age of the cat and sister, which is far away from the age of retirement, began to be super indifferent. Talk to people around you and find that everyone has resonance, especially after 70 and after 80. To say that these people are also a stable "middle class" with a car with a car and a deposit job, why is it so worried that "people are still, the money is gone"?

let's look at some of the paths for the elderly. In general, it's hard.


depends on social security for the aged? It says "keep the basic"

when we were young, we would make some retirement preparations by coercive, semi compulsory and autonomous means. From the perspective of the government, the retirement reserve is divided into three pillars: the first pillar refers to the government led basic pension; the second pillar refers to the employer led corporate annuity; the third pillar refers to the personal tax paid entirely by personal accumulation.

at present, the three pillar of our country is the same. The government - led basic pension is a single risk.

many people have to say, what's wrong with the basic pension? Look at our parents and grandparents, now a person, a month will bring thousands of pensions, they add up to big thousands or even over a million, and not for the house without raising children, is to eat a meal, buy health care products, but also rich tourism, retirement life was not too cool.

yes, it is, but they are them, we are us.

first of all, many of our parents and ancestors did not have or made very little social security pension insurance, and the money they have now led the . but now the fertility rate is so low, and the willingness to have two births is not high. do you think we have to pay for money when we get the money?

even now, there are lots of "empty accounts" in the social security pension. has a rough count of 4 trillion and 100 billion, and some areas can't afford to pay. , such as Heilongjiang, has not only failed to pay for the current period, but has accumulated a balance of -232 billion yuan. Not long ago the government put forward the "transfer of state-owned 10% enrich the social security fund pilot", perhaps this is also a solution, but is how much is enough to fill the hole?

there is a problem, that is the future pension replacement rate, this index is that when you retire the ratio between pension level and wage income before retirement, now the old days is moist, it is because at this stage they receive a pension and retirement income level compared to little change, and every year there is not a small increase.

but in the trend of trend, the substitution rate of pension is declining. dropped from 73% in 1997 to 45% in 2014, and the drop was still very big.

, at the same time, the increase of pension is declining year by year. The pension standard for retirees is coming up for 14 consecutive years, but the first 11 years have been rising by 10%, rising from 2016 to 6.5%, and the increase in 2017 has been further reduced to 5.5%. The increase in 2018 will soon see the outcome, experts predict is 5%, a record low. and in the future, it will be lower, perhaps 4.5%, and experts predict a state that is flat with the rate of inflation.

The position of social security pension after

is "guarantee the basic". "basic" to what extent, cat and sister is very unhappy, what about you?


depends on the enterprise annuity? Most people can only be

enterprise annuity part, looking at the amount is not low, but the vast majority of people, such as you, such as me, have you seen enterprise annuity what?

enterprise annuity has always been the exclusive welfare of state-owned enterprises, institutions, enterprise annuity companies, you want to cherish. In recent years, with the increase of reform, the expansion of 's annuity has fallen into a basic stagnation.

's current enterprise annuity system is not only difficult to shoulder the historical mission of the second pillars, but if it doesn't take the necessary measures, it is likely that its development will be further marginalized.


house? Can you hold

a lot of people's sense of security comes from holding two sets, three sets, or even more houses. If the money of the old age is not enough, it is "home for the aged."

indeed, in the past 20 years, the house is the center of the whole society, so far as the national economy is concerned, to a large extent, personal life is revolving around the house.

but now the position is "the house was used to live, not to fry", also out of the rental right policy.

The changes in

have been quietly produced, and there have been a survey of real estate under 35 years of age.

From: 70、80后,有没有想过“人还在,钱没了,上有老下有小”,你该怎么办?
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