The castle, wearing a gown, reading in the British university, minute travel to Hogwarts

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original title: Castle, wear overalls, reading in the British university, minute travel to Hogwarts

have you ever dreamed to Harry Potter, reading in the castle, dining in the church like the dining room, every day wearing a robe carrying books to school?

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there are many universities in the UK that are such style. The key is that they are not only magnificent, there is a very high academic achievement. Take a look at some of these colleges.

Cambridge University, University of Cambridge

"the riverside golden willow, is the sunset in the bride; the bright shadow of the wave, in my heart ripples. The floatingheart growing in the sludge sways leisurely under the water; in the gentle waves of Cambridge, I am willing to do a water! "

Xu Zhimo described the place that made him forget to return - Cambridge.

Cambridge not only has a high value, but also has a fairly high international popularity.

the University of Cambridge is located in England, the town of Jian Qiao, is the UK is also one of the world's top universities. Many famous British scientists, writers and statesmen come from the University. University of Cambridge is also the birth of the most Nobel prize winner of higher education, countless Nobel prize winners have been here to teach or learn.

here, learning in the castle, walking in oil painting, is no longer a dream, but a real reality! Not to mention a handsome little elder brother!

Oxford University, University of Oxford

it was founded in 1096, 2018 QS world university rankings, Oxford is located in the sixth place.

"it has the reputation of genius and the cradle of the prime minister". It has 58 Nobel prize winners and many alumni in the industry.

his home's Radcliffe Camera library, which is known as a symbol of the academic world.

and Harry Potter also has many places in Oxford shooting, including Hogwarts dining room, corridor etc..

Durham University, Durham University

Du Lun University, and translated by Durham University, located in Durham, a small town in the northeast of England, is a world-famous public research university. The top 10 top universities in the world, the top 10 universities in the UK

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