On Christmas Eve, tell the children: stand bravely, "Yang festival"

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original title: Christmas Eve, tell the children: stand bravely, "Yang Festival"


recently, on the Internet, there was a rise in a boycott of the Christmas wind.

micro-blog, the circle of friends is filled with "is Chinese but western festival" word, "foreign festival" exaggeration to worship, even denounced the "speak English" and "suit" behavior is self enslavement and self development.

12, lentong Town East Bai Jian primary school carried out the "rejection of foreign festivals" theme class meeting, asked the children not to participate in any foreign festivals celebration. Tongguan County four schools "Chinese, China Festival - a total boycott of foreign festival" activities of ideological education, children are not allowed to pass the festival. Northwestern University School of modern school before Christmas letter, and hang out "to resist the expansion of western culture" banner, school official micro-blog said, "Christmas is serious xenocentric".


so that children do not allow children to cross the "Ocean Festival"?

" is important is how we should guide children to look at western festivals, and think about different attitudes towards foreign things, and what effects will it bring to children's future growth.

since ancient times, countries or individuals or the most confident, others do not take into account the magnificent weather; self-confidence are often cramped narrow, only self. Time to play "boycott foreign festival", and it is this self-consciousness, it is more like the idea of occlusion body.

The development of

National Festival is the crystallization of national culture, behind every festival, has a unique cultural tradition, let the children have a national holiday, so that they can learn more about other cultures, this is one way cultural exchange.


teaches children to treat "Ocean Festival"

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From: 圣诞夜,告诉孩子们:挺起胸膛,勇敢地过“洋节”
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