Japan is a magazine to be stripped of a popular male star of the year...

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original title: Japan is a magazine every year stripped a popular male star


> the old male star you love in bed

is this like....

rice fried wrote an article for the majority of female friend (stamp on the right has a horror film review, called Chinese male star sexy, why not large) "woman loaded" like magazines, best wishes to meet the woman who want to see the male star body???

, after all, there is no need for it, you say to


(oh no, but not such...)

but I did not expect, in this amazing country in Japan, there really is such a magazine for the benefit of women.

every year for a Japan popular male star , making large scale semi photo without make-up, photo without make-up or even bed according to the X, at a glance can let the agonistic, elegant kind of...


this magical magazine is called ".

in most cases

it is a very normal female fashion magazine

but especially every year he would find a male star to take a sex

Special Edition

for the majority of female readers right obscenity -

day meal for your sheep fried the most wonderful "Anan" from the beginning of 1998 special male star series photo. No matter what time you're a Japanese male fan, there's always a poked you -

guaranteed to meet your various needs once to


Takuya Kimura

in 1998, the first "Anan" "stripped" male star is the hearts of many people to go beyond the Japanese God figure Yan Takuya Kimura. Just look at the face is pleasant enough wood village, for "Anan" this group photo shoot can certainly let you climax, screaming -

one eye or open jacket

is enough to cause an intracranial orgasm


but this is just a start of

you can also have the feeling of taking a shower in Takuya Kimura -


can also imagine the heroine is Takuya Kimura bite

chin deep affection