Since the 5 points have been learned, the girl always wants me to take her hand

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original title: since the 5 points, the girl always wanted me to lead her hand

for that kind of theory, I sniff at for girls, straight, pick watch is not entirely practical logic.


first, beauty;


second, only my beauty.

watches for them is a jewelry equivalent to bracelet, necklace, brooch, must be exquisite and tasteful. In fact, everything that a girl wears is an ornament, including a child and a pet.

so concern girl while wearing a watch point, and being completely different, you may be talking to her movement origin, she said to you on the table can blind people the best diamond 14mm amplification cosmetic contact lenses.

straight in order to avoid wasted money, Miss Ming will give you something about today, what should pay attention to what to pick a girl to watch her love.

". Those electronic watches, which can shine blue light, monitor altitude temperature and heart rate, and display time with Arabia numbers, are always prohibited items on girls' wrist:


except look bulky, thick dial style single, not good with these clothes and a terrible mishap, plastic toys, very naive.

if you send out an electronic watch that thinks many functions, the girl's inner idea is: is this man a junior high school student? Or do you think my tuxedo looks like the electronic watch?

, in a word, the electronic watch is not related to the words "taste", "grace", "advanced".

and see the good table move does not open the straight leg is different for girls a senior watch is focus on this watch can not own most of the clothes and the wardrobe on collocation.

, so the selection of the color of the wrist watch is very important, as far as possible is monochromatic or coloring.

gold, silver, black and white, dark blue, dark red is the color of universal love girl.

OMEGA constellation series as an example, it is not only the classic color, and it is very high: white mother of pearl dial 27 mm, and 8 tables available, whether or cashmere coat dress collocation is not completely the problem.

although recently also popular color matching or color collision, but notice: do not spend too much, not too miscellaneous. Like picking clothes, the simple classic style is still fashionable for 10 years, and the more fancy it is, the easier it is to be out of date.

simplicity is not tedious, the girl's picky will allow her to keep paying for the details. A simple atmosphere, delicate and low-key, and no lack of details change and surprise wrist watch, will be straight to the heart of the girl.

From: 自从学会这5点,姑娘总想让我牵她的手
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