Are you still pouring into the whole aluminum body? The truth behind is misdeeds

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original title: are you still being devoted to the whole aluminum body? The truth is that behind the notorious

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The lightweight of

body is one of the core objectives of vehicle lightweight. In addition to our more common lightweight measures in structural design, the most important thing is lightweight of body material. From steel to aluminum, car companies seem to be taking a big step. However, after that, things seem to be turning back again. Let's look at it concretely.

's use of more aluminum materials has greatly improved the safety, operability, ride comfort, fuel economy and rigidity of vehicles, but the biggest reason for its popularity is cost. This is not only the cost of production, but also the processing cost and complexity of the related processes in the follow-up to the automobile manufacturing.

steel is not a problem for the connection of steel. The welding process of aluminum is higher, but it can also be accepted. However, connecting these two materials with different physical and chemical properties will face more technical difficulties, and the welding of aluminum to the iron can not be realized so far. At present, we can only try to make parts complete or use riveting, but this also requires more accurate design and manufacturing level.

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