The largest ancient city in Shandong? Covers an area of 2 square kilometers, Qianlong Yuci village the best in all the land

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Shandong has a long history, but there are not many ancient cities that remain. Actually, the whole northern plain area is basically the same. Maybe the traffic in the plain area is too convenient. The war in history will destroy these ancient cities. Is located in the southwest region of Taierzhuang ancient city fame.

a Beijing - Hangzhou the Grande Canale runs through the north and south, and Taierzhuang is in the middle of this the Grande Canale. Since ancient times, it has been the center of transportation and commerce. Taierzhuang City, Qin and Han dynasties had existed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the most thriving and prosperous period, Qianlong was bestowed as "the best in all the land of zhuang".

but the ancient city was devastated by the Japanese invasion of China, and the war of Taierzhuang in 1938 turned the ancient city of the Millennium into ruins. It was not until 70 years later that the ancient city was rebuilt in 2008.

, with China's the Grande Canale being selected as the world cultural heritage, many heritage sites along the Grande Canale have been well protected. Taierzhuang ancient city is one of the scenic spots. The ancient city of Taierzhuang, with an area of 2 square kilometers, is divided into 8 scenic spots and 29 scenic spots. It is the largest ancient city in China.

city in the north are rare, but Taierzhuang is an exception, there is always a river harbour house, built along the river, take the oar boat tour the ancient city, do not have the charm.

Taierzhuang and Poland capital Warsaw belong to the two cities in the world that are rebuilt as world cultural heritage because of the destruction of the Second World War. They also enjoy high reputation in the world.

because of the ancient city of Taierzhuang since ancient times is always on the move a business center, attracting national merchants, so in the ancient city of diverse architectural styles, a European style architecture, Huizhou architecture, North building, Zhejiang building eight different style.

restored the original Wharf at the ancient canal, and it didn't feel cold in winter. The branches were still green, and the water was calm. Along the riverside, it was an ancient house. In ancient times, it was the residence of the official Yamen.

walking along the river, there is an illusion of Zhouzhuang or Wuzhen in the south of the Yangtze River. The narrow path along the river is wide and the view is wide.

Taierzhuang is a north-south integration, Chinese and Western City, where a collection of the five major religions in the world, has built more than 30 temples. The North qinjin culture, Yanzhao culture and southern Huaiyang culture, Wu Yue culture take root here.

this northern city, suitable for sightseeing by boat rowed leisurely unhurried. It is very convenient to eat and lodge in the ancient city. There are many shops. There are buses from Zaozhuang railway station to the scenic spot. return to the Sohu, see more


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