True upbringing! The inadvertent movement of a 4 year old girl is so touching

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original title: true upbringing! An inadvertent movement of a 4 year old girl is so moving


what is nurture? The next picture, the little girl who helped a good friend cover her skirt, gave us a good answer.



see if a child is trained, his family, his parents, nothing to do with the rich and the poor.

">" to see a pair of father and son at the subway station, father saw is a very simple farmer, with a large woven bag on his back. As he walked through the road, the son said, "" Dad, be careful of your bag and don't hit someone else '. The father replied: "Oh, OK.""

- @ sunny tiger

there are many "teaching" parents in life:

"morning my mother out, just to catch up with the sanitation workers to water plants. There is a pair of father and son standing there, the little boy is 5, 6 years old, feel the water is good and want to pour. His father asked the sanitation worker politely: can you tell me if my son can let my son water? The master said, good. The little boy was especially happy.

after a while, the little boy asked his father, Dad, I grew up and wanted to water the sanitation worker! His father said quietly and quietly: " is good, so long as we study hard and work hard, do the best." "

- @ - @ lion 's rabbit,

parents is the child's nurture.



Dai Xiaoxue, a teacher who taught at the Harvard University for years, shared:

just went to the United States, I thought the people there seemed to be very gentlemen. Before I went to the door, someone smiled and opened the door for me.

, I think maybe this is the reason for the Westerners to pay attention to "women's priority", so they go straight through. For some time I particularly enjoyed this "treatment".

slowly I found that the rules are not the case, but "the later one". Wherever there is a door in public, there will always be such a situation: the person who walks in front, after pushing the door open, will look back at the back of the door.

, regardless of men and women, will hold the door behind the people to go in, and the back of the people after entering, always want to say "thank you" to the door holders, and then help.

, I went to the children's school, and I paid special attention to the observation. I helped the pupils in the rear door and found that no one didn't say "thank you". Whether in school or in front of the store, there are few people go after slammed the door and left the.

is in our view very small, others as events. If you don't help the door, you feel strange to the first response, and then you can judge your lack of basic politeness and nurture, not to be able to behave gracefully.

in some countries people see what we do not hold the door open this little thing especially not pleasing to the eye, and more can not stand your ground diameter straight through self-assured or supercilious. Others help the door to be afraid of the door bumping into your face, rather than opening a green channel for you.

another detail is that when meeting someone else's door for you, though there are still several steps to go, we must speed up our pace and not walk slowly.

then, until the guests behind themselves, or someone halfway over, then slowly let go, this is a complete "love transfer" basic standard action.



earlier, Liu Shishi went on a hot search. A star can't travel without a plane. There are more opportunities for stewardships to get in touch with stars than the ordinary people.

they can see the other side of the star screen image. A stewardess told micro-blog that Liu Shishi left her deep.

From: 真正的教养!一位4岁小姑娘不经意的动作,竟如此动人
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