Is the baby snack so delicious? Adults can't help but grab it!

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original title: baby snacks so delicious? Adults can't help but grab it!

, the happiest thing for the mothers who love life and love food is to make delicious food for the baby. No matter how complicated the process is, it will be worth

if you see the smiling face that your baby is enjoying.

today has brought a few small nuts for your baby to eat delicious snacks to treasure the mother, it is absolutely no difficulty, can reduce the burden of mothers! The emphasis is too good to eat, even the adults can not help to grab it, try it to


can make small biscuits without a oven,


by baby auxiliary food micro class

. Master.

, pumpkin 50 grams of

low gluten flour 50 grams,

. Supplement.

oil, 5 grams of

. Practice.

1. Pumpkin Peel and cut into pieces, then add it to the auxiliary machine, steam it to soft rotten, then cool down and form mud. Take 25 grams of pumpkin weight, and then add the prepared oil and low gluten flour.

2. the low gluten flour should be added slowly, and the flour is stirred into a floc.

On the

3. surface, pour on the kneading pad, knead it into a smooth dough and wake up for half an hour, then roll it into thin skin and press it out with a grinding tool. PS, it's about 50 Fen of the thickness.

4. finally tore off the edge of the dough, thus completing the semi-finished products. PS, if there is no embossing mold, it is pressed out of the circle with the cap of the bottle, such as the bottle cap of the nutritional express line.

5. put the biscuits into the pan and open the lid on the back of the small fire. PS, the pan should not put all the biscuits at once. The rest should be covered with a fresh-keeping film, and the pot will be fried well again.

6. first use small fire for 2 minutes, turn over and fry for 2 minutes. PS, you do the thickness of the biscuits will have different thickness, so the time is not fixed, during the period can be more open to see, so as not to stick to the pot.

7. is ready for both sides, then open the lid and see which side is not enough to fry. Turn the fire on the side. It will be enough to simmer for 2 minutes. PS, because the pumpkin is ripe, the flour is cooked quickly, so it doesn't have to be fried for a long time.

8. uses different ingredients and can also make green vegetables and purple sweet potato biscuits.

9. after cooling, it can be sealed for 3 days.

Ba Ba Ba ~

10. ~ ~ very crisp wood (*^__^*)


1. reference month age: more than 10 months.

2. no matter what kind of bruxit biscuits are broken, especially the baby's saliva soaked is easier to break, so when the baby is added, the family should be on the side care.

3. molar role is to relieve the baby because of teething discomfort, has no effect on whether the baby teething and teething order. In addition, when the baby just sprouted the deciduous teeth (6 or 7 months), it was not recommended that mothers use their baby's biscuits for their babies, because the baby's deciduous teeth were soft and crisp. If overbite, it might lead to the deformation of deciduous teeth.

4. is the basic version of the formula, used only in pumpkin, low gluten flour and a little oil. If you want to taste it

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