The best ride to ride the shared bicycle: collectively tell it!

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original title: the best ride to share the single car Bankruptcy: collectively tell it!

bike sharing recently into the collapse of the wave, countless people with no money, cast to waste deposit. Is that so? According to the Legal Evening News "reports, the Beijing Lawyers Association has begun action plan for the community to collect the information of blue bike, on blue bicycle group action.

It is reported that

, the association of Beijing will be in the recently held "bicycle rights case seminar", invited lawyers and judges to discuss the special problems of cycling rights cases, established after human rights lawyers bicycle group, started cycling rights litigation.

Beijing Lvxie civil litigation committee lawyer Raymond Lam pointed out: blue bike registered in Tianjin, but tens of thousands of users for hundreds of yuan each, went to Tianjin to sue the collective is obviously unrealistic, so the blue bicycle "user agreement" clause fifteenth, disputes or disputes may be submitted to the company's domicile, this is obviously set a barrier for the user rights, the terms of overlord.

Lin lawyer said, the district court has the right to choose the bike users mainly use bicycle and bicycle prosecution, have the right to request the enterprise to bear the litigation costs and lost income during the balance of the deposit and the recourse of course, the best use of collective action single user mode, elected representative of action, litigation on behalf of the user.

has already reported to the public security organs on the "running road" of cool riding company, which is suspected of criminal offences.

Beijing consumer complaints department director Chen Fengxiang also pointed out that the bicycle enterprises as the first responsible person, in accordance with the law should be restitution consumer deposit and pre receivables, temporarily cannot, can't walk away to tell the truth in a timely manner to the consumer, formulate measures and feasible repayment schedule, regular reporting. No enterprise has the right to use the consumer's deposit and the prepayment. The cruel competition of the shared economy can't be bought by the consumers.

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From: 最好骑的共享单车倒闭:集体告它!
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