2017 live a close call, there is more likely to do 2018

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original title: 2017 live there is more likely to do a close call, 2018

confession is a magic existence, why? Because I always walk in the forefront of the trend, on the way to , take 2016 broadcast industry to participate in the initial, small inside small live for a long time...... Well, Ni Yan value, talent is slightly inferior, now can only spell word!

Soon after

, all kinds of live broadcasting platforms mushroomed, and countless broadcast wars this year, and barbaric growth of substitutes such as short videos made the market more lively.

Live app list of

Q3 compared to the 2017 quarter and 2016 year, broadcast platform top ten compared to last year have changed last year, did not enter the top 20 of penguin gaming occupy the Q3 list of the fourth quarter of this year, the pandas live from sixth down to tenth position.

, and the active penetration of these live platforms is larger than the first YY live broadcast. The rest are basically decreasing. Therefore, the total profit of live broadcasting industry in 2017 is weaker than that in 2016.

one, 2017 live big shuffle

2015 live birth, 2016 is the first year when the Chinese broadcast, Internet users reached 710 million, Internet penetration rate reached 51.7%, the webcast has more than 300 million users, and with the giants to bring capital admission, related enterprises one after another transformation, hundreds of venture into the platform, "live" this vocabulary is undoubtedly the Internet industry appears in the highest frequency.

due to a single broadcast content and form, and with the industry competition is becoming increasingly intense, a weaker trend of broadcast platform, in order not to be submerged flow, then playing the edge ball plug, live broadcast pornography, artists with bloody categories, which led to the risk supervision platform, leading to effect of platform frame, air and other harsh, so far has reached hundreds of broadcast platform was shut down.

partially closed live platform


in a major reshuffle of the broadcast, the tiger as the representative of the game live, to reflect the customer representative for the live entertainment, also has been firmly rooted in the broadcast industry, even Betta has shown a profit situation, so they as the industry leader, is now faced with the content increasing homogenization phenomenon that is how to survive?

two, deep fusion

of live broadcastAfter the bonus period of live broadcast,

needs to develop live broadcast from different angles and latitudes instead of relying solely on "face". Only when we return to the most essential content needs, can we always remain invincible. For example, today's live + era, live + tourism, live + variety, live + technology, live + public interest, live + music, live + offline and so on, all of which stretch the content and technology of live broadcast from different directions.


in August this year to a U.S. broadcast Huya launched a summer outdoor reality show "Street Fighter live alone", carry out civilian occupation experience, the activities involved in the anchor who truly like to show the audience delivery staff hard won a public praise.

Last August

Betta live teamed up with the Ma Dong team launched a variety show "dinner" the werewolf, average number of online live more than 4 million people, although there are a lot of controversy about the program, but there is expanding influence

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