Wang Jiancheng, chairman of Huada gene, can synthesize any life in 10 years.

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original title: Wang Jiancheng, chairman of Huada gene, can chemically synthesize any life

within 10 years

news December 27th, Wang Jian, chief executive of Huada gene, said at the 2017 Shenzhen business conference that in the next 5-10 years, any life can be synthesized without making jokes. The progress of artificial life may be faster than AI.


Wang Jian

had publicly opposed HPV (cervical cancer vaccine) vaccine inoculation, "a medicine" said de Chuan investment chairman Jiang Guangce in the circle of friends forwards related articles and said, "can only say that the chairman is ignorant, the stock is overvalued, buy the stock investors very poor!" Jiang Guangce then said that the chairman lacked the most basic scientific literacy, and the stock was seriously overestimated.

Wang Jianceng said that the Huada gene will be invincible in the future, which is the joint decision of scientific research and industry. At present, Huada is aiming at cancer testing for all employees. "If we have any problems with our employees, it is also a disgrace to us." In the future, China will be able to achieve life-long service. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 华大基因董事长汪建称10年内可化学合成任何生命
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