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original title: do not let the king glory enter the national college entrance examination @ WeChat official

In November 18th,

2003, the State Sports Administration formally approved the e-sports as ninety-ninth formal sports competitions.


2008, the State Sports Administration changed electronic sports into Seventy-eighth formal sports competitions.


2022, the Hangzhou Asian Games will be a formal competition.

although electronic sports, that is, "playing games" has been officially recognized, but many parents feel that their children play games every day, no matter how powerful they are, and their academic achievements are not good. Because learning is painful, they can't do this painful thing, the social competition is too fierce, this is the disease of society...

well, if you have a day college entrance examination game, you are so confident that the children who play the game all day will win the game?

we come together to "cross" and "fantasies". Suppose 20XX years, the Ministry of Education announced the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, the subject changed to the test game...


came out just now, it was always cheered by the students who had been criticized for playing games before learning, but the parents of traditional learning tyrants were worried that their children had never played games.

one, the selection game is the candidate student

changed, the traditional college entrance examination system, can let the children personality development, and competition, independent recruitment, students also give different children provides a different way to the game, the college entrance examination, is the same, we gave the child to represent three different options:

1, king of glory: similar to the conventional college entrance examination entrance, you do not need to charge a lot of money can play, can also find someone to teach you, find someone with you, just like the makeup as a folk master world champion for the price, money does not necessarily teach you to see the relationship, but the examination, can only rely on their own.

World of Warcraft:

2, as a classical representative of online games as there has always been a noble temperament, other games basically buy a mobile phone will be able to play online games so large luxury, of course, must match the expensive hardware configuration to display the full effects of skills, a box of configuration if peak level, consumption is huge but at the same time, high cost and high income are at high risk, which engage in competition with independent recruitment, from May to pay the cost, finally successful chengren.

3, onmyoji: as in Mobile Games different representative, has a unique temperament, it is not like the king of glory to hard technology, purchase cards (SSR cards increased. One of the rare) card capacity is required, this is reminiscent of the study abroad the road choice the children often onmyoji conditions are relatively good, the degree of competition than the glory of the king, the Internet have play a onmyoji charge of about 1000000 players, have to admire. Of course, this kind of game is more than this, and the free player in this kind of game is basically the target of a paid player...

two, the state of competition

from the crowd point of view, most children still choose the king glory, after all, the threshold is low, but the ensuing competition begins.

1, hard training + strong technology

training intensity is not small, the original one day play 1-2 hours called entertainment, now light is 8 hours, while 18 hours +, a black eye glasses, the game in the examination the first batch of "Curve Wrecker" was born, they are meticulous, take all the time, broke his arm also to hard.

is more learning to take notes and summarize the daily problems, so that people can not help but flow the tears.

's learning tyrants grew rapidly from the game of Xiao Bai. They analyzed the layout of the game, the skills of team operation, summarized the method templates, and flexibly applied them on this basis. What "hard three", "check flow" with Goods are available in all varieties. peer pressure, level of difficulty, the game is also rising, divided more and more difficult, not to a group feel unprecedented pressure.

2, economic conditions + family team

little A holds the Dell old entry machine that was listed five years ago. Although the training technology is very hard, its performance is still mediocre, but the little B who just took the first place in the district is using the latest style of the highest aliens, which seems to be a little bit related.

home network speed can not cause game interruption or delay also pits a lot of children, there is a child in the hard practice of DOTA is about to upgrade because of the home network.

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