The menu is new for 45 days. The bread is airlifted from France. It may be the most cost-effective French restaurant.

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original title: the menu is renewed for 45 days, and the bread is airlifted from France. It may be the most cost-effective restaurant


How do everyone live in Christmas?

if sister and boudoir to eat a meal,


now there's no stop for Amway to give you the restaurant

restaurant named Les Morilles dining hall


why the name is Les Morilles

because the founder of this dining hall is a vegetarian.

Les Morilles "Morel" meaning in French,

this food is neither meat, and is not slow,

is a well known food in a French meal.

this dining hall is less serious than other restaurants,

> is the hope of food sophistication above the pub,

but the atmosphere is more relaxed than the formal western restaurant.

select meal hall adjacent embassy district Liangmaqiao District,

traffic is also very convenient,

Liangmaqiao subway ride to the station, go to 3min.

if sister reminding the small partner you want to make a reservation in advance,


one time a sister did not make a reservation in advance, with a chance to get away with a fluke,

the result was politely rejected outside the door, queuing for the number.

a restaurant,

tea table on the left side is the table

for guests to prepare tea

write "times to compose or chant poems while drinking,

at first glance, I thought to walk into a Chinese teahouse

go inside, you will see the dining hall environment elegant, pleasant atmosphere,

dim light, giving people a comfortable and simple feeling.

chef Cai Jiahao Murray (left), who had studied in Switzerland and France,

kitchen and two colleagues were also graduated from the Japanese and French blue ribbon.

their home menu and wine list every 45 days for


because sister is driving, so there is no drinking,

From: 菜单45天换新,面包从法国空运,它可能是性价比最高的法餐厅
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