The denim can't go into a convent, which witnesses the sad and beautiful love of the grand duke

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compared to legend grand and magnificent studenica monastery, the monastery is hidden in the Bosnian Liu mountains of the daughter of a humble family. This is relevant and her historical background, because it is the owner of women, not for publicity.

The story of

should also be told from the Middle Ages: in the December 1371 ad, the imperial army of Turkey was destroyed by the Osman empire of Turkey, and the curtain fell on the scene of the Serbia Ya Dynasty. At this time Serbia has split into several kingdoms, which forces one of the most powerful nobles, named Lazar Beria Aganovich (Lazar Hrebeljanovi C) Helle, his rule is today in most areas of central Serbia, later called him Duke of Lazar. In 1389, Archduke Lazar Brancovic (C Brankovi) United Kingdom coalition forces in Bosnia and family, together against Osman Turkey empire. In order to boost morale, Archduke Lazar proposed "only unity can save Serbia" and "4C" slogan - M C alpha increased PI C for c o p from me. C. C. I. DP, this sentence has been Serbia people for encouraging national morale, the 4 "C" is printed on the flag of Serbia on the emblem.

J Rusche Watts

(Kru s evac) of the city, erected a bronze statue of Archduke Lazar

it is conceivable that the fighting is fierce, Serbia warriors stabbed Osman Turkey Empire Bilic g Murad I of Sultan, but Sultan's son Baye Seth I also killed Archduke Lazar, the combined forces of the Serbia debacle. This war is called "the first battle of Kosovo" in history. Since then, Serbia has become the appendage of Osman and Turkey empire for 5 centuries. Until today, it is difficult for Serbia to get rid of the shadow of Turkey.

soldiers in Serbia are desperate to grab back to the Archduke Lazar's head, he was buried in the monastery presided over the construction in Chahar (Ravanica Monastery).

There is always a good wife behind

's successful man, and Lazar is no exception. His wife Milichadagongfei (Milica) in 1388 in the Green Valley donated to build a convent, hoping for their future cemetery. After the defeat of Serbia, this should be the son of Archduke Lazar Stefan Lazarevic (Stefan Lazarevic) ascended the throne, but he was only 12 years old, Millie Chahar archduchesses on behalf of the ruling to the 1393 Stefan Lazarevic adult, then she died in the war with the Serbia aristocratic widow together came to his own donation this Liu the Bosnian monastery became nuns and monks, buried in the.

from the studenica monastery to Liu monastery about 100 kilometers, Bosnia, 2 hours. Navigation coordinates: 43.651572,20.997641


monastery is located in the mountains far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and it is covered by the hills and green trees on the road. The place is sparsely populated, and it shows open and quiet everywhere. The monastery is not a tourist attraction, but a place where the monks study and practice, so be sure to pay attention to their etiquette and manners.

monastery Mammy, looks like life in centuries ago, the church door closed, sunshine agley sprinkled on the wooden door.

I wanted to go into the church, and the old mama took out a big iron key and opened the heavy wooden door. In the door, the cover is a few dust.

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