When a big city in the province only revoked, Hebei is not only a tiny bit of embarrassment

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original title: when a big city in the province only is revoked, the embarrassment of Hebei is not only a tiny bit of

with the development of society in recent years of planning, the city is defined as more than 5 million people, will mean a large city will fail in the exam, it contains only one in Hebei province of Shijiazhuang City, now can only be called a big city in Hebei, for such a big save no mega city, is not very depressed?

in fact before the introduction of this policy, Shijiazhuang plans to realize in 2020 the urban population reached 5 million of the standard, which know policy so quickly, before the transformation is degraded, but it is also a chance, at least to promote Hebei province to promote the speed of population.

Hebei is a heroic city in the Central Plains. The cultural background is very deep and the geographical location is very special. So there are all kinds of terrain in the province, and the climate is suitable. Hebei is pregnant with the cradle of Chinese culture. In the period of the Yellow Emperor, there had been a war to merge together, creating the source of Chinese culture. In the revolutionary years, Xibaipo once became the central office of the office.

, all kinds of resources in Hebei are very rich, so as to make great efforts for Hebei's economic development, especially mineral resources, and the three largest oil fields in the province, which is enough to call it more than half of China's resource consumption. In 2016, the total amount of Hebei's economy ranked eighth in the country, so the strength of Hebei was very strong.

, in a word, even though Hebei has fallen out of the megacities, it is not a difficult challenge for Hebei. In the future, Hebei will surely enter the ranks of international provinces.

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From: 当省内唯一的特大城市被撤销,河北的尴尬不只一星半点
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