This network burst red bread is more delicious "dirty", simply forcing Virgo

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original title: the network burst red bread is more delicious "dirty", simply forcing Virgo

- Hangzhou -

even if the makeup on his face is spent, I can't stop me from falling in love with the dirty dirty bag.

this time, dirty bags began to explode red Ins, which swept the North Canton. It not only made Wang Sicong willing to wait in line, but also made Rene Liu and Li Ai crazy for Call.

who could think that the last "delicious bomb" in 2017 would be this dirty thing.

Dior's pancake, the lipstick of the poplar, and the foundation of the Cpb.

promised to do together exquisite "pig girl", why you use Xiaohualian and a hand dirty chocolate powder against me?

dirty dirty bakery originated in a baking shop called "Our Bakery".

since it started in Sanlitun, Beijing this year, there was a rush of queues.

> not only can everyone can only buy 2, it is said that it is also fried to 100+ yuan.

so no matter which way to pick up, bite on a mouth, teeth, hands will be covered with cocoa powder, as the name suggests, it is called "dirty bag".

about winter is used to stick fat, even the heart thump calculation this thick chocolate powder and croissant butter will bring much heat.

to the mouth, I still involuntarily forget everything.

after giving up a whole winter weight loss plan, we selected a few dirty dirty shops in Hangzhou and recommended it to you.

The U Cake Bakery

cozy shop now baked now

The U Cake Bakery Studio is a private bakery in the community. It's almost the area that you want to miss without lifting your eyes.

store is not large, but only half the area occupied by working rooms. Transparent glass windows can also see clean and neat operation rooms at once.

is more like a private baking house than a store.

shop is a couple, the wife is responsible for making bread, the husband is responsible for packing and packing, making coffee and so on.

idle, the boss will make beer by himself.

dirty dirty bag is a new product that the customer needs have just made in the near future. The breads can be bottled up with a thick and mellow taste. From: 这款网络爆红的面包越“脏”越好吃,简直逼死处女座
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