2017 of the ten key words of the year! The hottest thing is it! The last one in the heart...

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original title: 2017 of the ten key words of the year! The hottest thing is it! The last one in the heart...


recently, jointly organized by the national language resource monitoring and Research Center, the Commercial Press, people.com.cn, Tencent.com "Chinese inventory 2017" unveiling ceremony held in Beijing, the 2017 annual ten pandemic, ten new words, ten network language release.

source , Nanfang Daily comprehensive from the Commercial Press, chinanews.com, micro-blog, Sina, CCTV news network.

let's take a look at the list



2017 domestic word and word

enjoy, initial heart

the final election of the annual domestic word, the word

"enjoy" and "first heart"!

How do you guess?

2017 international word and word

wisdom, human destiny community

if the annual domestic word, word

is a relatively abstract

focuses on people's ideological, psychological, and social behavior

the annual international word, word compared to

> is more macro ~

the future is coming into the full intelligence age

are you ready?

2017 ten pandemic


in a year

unforgettable events, the world, the people,

records the changes of the world and the changes of the times.

many of which are familiar to us.

" Nineteen big ".

has become the most concerned focus.

the key word in the report "new era"

"don't forget the beginning of the heart, remember the mission" quickly popular.

Ten new words



eh... Wait!

How can animals become new words?

the "gray rhino" is gray rhino!

this is actually a reference to

- a metaphor for a huge crisis. < /

From: 2017年度十大关键词出炉!最火的就是它!最后一个扎心了……
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