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a toilet, suddenly found that there is a maggot under the wooden shelf. The writer who grew up in the city was pale with fear and ran away with her pants. Even if you escape, you still have to go to the toilet, what do you do? I went to see if the maggot crawled away for 35 minutes. My God? The maggot is still climbing fast, and maybe it knows I can't hold it, so I can solve the problem quickly.


housing reform in Shanghai, the vast majority of citizens live in public rental housing. Every month they pay rent according to a certain housing area and living location and housing structure, so as to improve housing conditions, they can only achieve their purpose by changing rooms (Shanghai people call: House adjustment). At that time, in addition to enlarging the area, many people turned out to have a toilet, which seems to be unthinkable for today's people.

in the 60s and 70s of the last century, Shanghai people for houses can not have now any housing intermediary, all by the road on the side of a change room information. Some people want to change room later found attached to wards information "advertisement", they gathered at Kunshan road and Zhapu road in Hongkou District area, to put a sticker information wards, wards information poles, roadside in knots together with their exchange for real information, has become the most famous Shanghai's "wards market". That year, I have lived in the area, after feeling curious, often go to the "root Naomeng", a look.

was a house next door neighbor, because there is no sanitation, pour out the toilet every day, and many people at home, a toilet also turnover does not come, every morning, in addition to sanitation workers home ordure, neighbor woman every afternoon carrying the toilet to the neighborhood of the lagoon, with an iron hook up cement cover. To pool the dejection. The neighbor feels so tired that he wants to change a house with a common toilet.

It's not easy for

to change to a house with a common toilet, and you'll have to wait. The lady next door neighbor every day to "wards market" to "lead the market", as long as you look at her face to know, there is no progress in the wards, can be said that the vast majority of face is cloudy".

one day, a neighbor lady came back, looked like "cloudy", neighbors have to go around, "you find the toilet?" "Oh, today, we have found a house with a toilet, but it's a loss of four square." Why not "sunny day" on the face, but "cloudy", the reason is found. In the case of the per capita living area below four square meters, it is a bit "boldness" to give up a person's living area to "change" to the toilet.


later moved to a three storey building "small villa", on 8 people sharing a toilet. The toilet is a squat, pumping water erosion, it can be said that the absolute superior at the time, she need a day early in the morning and other sanitation workers to carry the toilet ordure, also do not need to use afternoon cement cover hook hook.

can not over a year, the Kunshan road "wards market" to see the lady, not only for good housing, but also how to vacate, it is on behalf of people "collar"? A woman asked, new troubles came down the toilet: Although the problem has been solved, there are more than 40 people 8 family home, every morning and evening toilet "peak" time, you want to have a toilet seat, waiting for an hour, plus some people smoking in the toilets, newspaper reading the urgency you severe stomach pain, long time not see the toilet door open, it is flushed face. The lady told the author, once again her stool children urinate, only begged the people inside the toilet ah, only to avoid the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. ".

later, the lady in the house again. It is said to have changed a house that is also a public toilet, perhaps a little less people...

I grew older, I understand that lady eager to vacate the reason.

because of the cause of the trip, I also experienced the difficulty and panic of the toilet in the countryside of Chongming. In those years, there were no toilets in the countryside. They were in the rear of the house, a shawl, a hole in the ground, a large cylinder, a wooden shelf on it, and the right to make a toilet. However, in the summer, there is a lot of fear in the toilet. You can't see the toilet tank, which is full of maggots, on a toilet can guard".

once a toilet, suddenly found under the wooden shelf under a maggot, the author grew up in the city, scared to face white, horse to carry his pants flee. Even if you escape, you still have to go to the toilet, what do you do? I went to see if the maggot crawled away for 35 minutes. My God? The maggot is still climbing fast, and maybe it knows I can't hold it, so I can solve the problem quickly.

for people now, the housing no toilet has been basically eliminated, the coal guard

From: 【海上记忆】那年头上海人换房,竟是为了厕所?你信不信!
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