Nanchang this road is poisonous, I lost money, ruining my youth, but my spirit!

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original title: Nanchang this road is poisonous, I lost money, ruining my youth, but my spirit!

talks about

in Yong Wai Street

Nanchang people's first reaction

is the decadent Backstreet

of the experiment

although there is no famous

, such as Zhongshan Road, walking street, etc.

but it is also a rich food gathering place in Nanchang,

the old mountain, and the viaduct east view, South along the ten attached hospital in The Strip straight to the east.

the Yixieqianli Nanjing West Road extended to the East and Nanjing road "font-size: 16px style= a Nanchang arterial network.

now it has become a paradise for experimental students.

Taobao University and South Campus of Medical School of Nanchang University are also not far from it.

in the bustling downtown of Nanchang, a quiet afternoon in the middle of the street.

can eat every kind of snacks, you can buy souvenirs out of the ordinary "font-size:, can also in the tea shop, cooking Pavilion, barbecue shop and chat.

with their laughter and playing cards all day.

in the most common life of Yong Wai Street is also the life of every one of us. this delicious food world will soon be opened for you, and it will never end...


folk secret recipe


is the hard

that nobody sees.

address: Zheng Jie Yong outside No. 206

about Yongwai street, of course, can not let the folk recipe, fried chicken, French fries, chicken boss these snacks, the material does not want to fire for so many years.

as a matter of fact, there is a period of time a child shall not eat, chicken feet or as in the past the entrance, a SIP is rotten.

10 yuan, a 5 10 "," one person eats enough! "

except chicken feet, chicken is also have one point, "font-size: very crisp, is not to eat elsewhere.

there is a folk secret recipe on the west side of the back door,