"The most popular car" Volkswagen Arteon or the domestic listing next year

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original title: "the most beautiful Volkswagen car" Volkswagen Arteon or next year's domestic listing

big Arteon has arrived at mass overseas 4S store. From the overall modeling, the design of the new car is very high, and the starting price of the new car is around 200 thousand. It is said that at the end of 2018, large public Arteon will be listed on the market.

Volkswagen Arteon appearance change is very big, different from the popular traditional family style design. Look under the grille is designed with double type, the thin air intake grille design, give consumers the feeling is very sharp, and the car is added below the inverted trapezoidal grille, sporty highlights. Body side lines have been from the outline to the end, the crowd back modeling is to attract the attention of consumers, at the same time with blackened 20 inch wheels, very accord with the aesthetic standards of young people. is the car tail design, this design is very cool, the design is also very beautiful. The tail design adds a tail wing design, the design is very beautiful, the exhaust is the use of double exhaust.

interior has joined many fashionable design elements. The LCD panel and the three type steering wheel design have greatly improved the vehicle quality. The air conditioning outlet is designed through penetrating and matching with quartz clock. The upper part of the console is made of soft material package, which is more high-grade and has high quality texture. In the design of body size, the new car's length and width are 4862mm, 1871mm and 1427mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

power, Volkswagen Arteon provides three turbocharged engine for consumer choice, 1.5TSI Evo engine and two different power 2.0T engine, 1.5T engine maximum power 110kW, 2.0TSI maximum engine power was 140KW and 206kW, with two drive and four-wheel drive version of the choice of the whole system to match the 7 speed DSG gearbox. One hundred kilometers fuel consumption is only 6 8L.

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From: “最美大众车” 大众Arteon或明年国产上市
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