Mapo Tofu, a fire in the winter!

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original title: Mapo Tofu, a fire in the winter!

Whether it is in the

million frozen north or south, cold wind, memory there is such a classic Sichuan , is like a fire, winter cold out, let us be immersed in warm and satisfying.

this classic Sichuan, is known to every family no one does not love the Mapo Tofu. because of its hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant and hot these five kinds of unique and rich taste, captured countless people's taste buds, with a bowl of white Steamed Rice, with the mouth to eat hot spicy and delicious, can let a person to! Strike! No Can!

Mapo Tofu though delicious, but do it,

also needs a lot of tricks,

words not much,

to teach you the authentic classic Sichuan food ----


Mapo Tofu.


Mapo Tofu Kellogg delicacy.


| a piece of tofu

beef |50 gram


grams of leek leaf pieces


pepper powder |10 gram

Pixian bean paste |3 teaspoon

bean drum |15 gram

salt | little

ginger |5 g

garlic |5 g

oil |50 milliliter

starch |50 g

white sugar |1 teaspoon


chicken |1 TSP



preparing food


will wash the bean curd, cut into 1.5 centimeters square after the small pieces, put in a light salt water boiling, fish out of cold water, spare.


pan put a little oil till the 50% heat, under low heat stir fry beef color, and set aside.


pan put more than 50% oil till the heat, add Pixian bean sauce, stir fried Chili oil, add ginger, garlic, stir fry the minced fermented black bean.


add about 200 ml of water, sugar, chicken Kellogg to stir the pot, cook until soup is boiling.

chicken to give more mellow delicious tofu, addictive.


will cut tofu, beef into the pot in the fire 1 minutes, add a little water starch thicken, until the sauce thickens to shut the fire.


out of the pot before and pre crushed pepper powder, garlic leaf can be broken.


to a bowl of rice, and enjoy ~


this Mapo Tofu that the secret out of the pot add chicken Kellogg , can greatly enhance the sense of delicious. Can not only restore the classic Mapo Tofu hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant and hot, add more features crisp and tender, delicious live, to repel all cold winter! return to the Sohu, see more "editor-name" data-role=

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From: 麻婆豆腐,冬天里的一把火!
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