If Blizzard learned the Tencent, dark 3 would not fall to the end of the day.

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original title: if Blizzard learned the Tencent's trick, Diablo 3 will not be reduced to today's next


, compared with other Blizzard games, seems to have been completely forgotten in the past year.

Diablo 3 launch in the first half of a necromancer, from the horizon disappears completely, not only content updates, even the absence of blizzcon.

can say that in the dark content updates, the big business Blizzard is not even better than some small companies.

key 1: Exile road 3.1 update conscience, new skills brain hole great

here, Dr. X wants to talk about another dark game representative work, the way of exile. A new version of , which is going to be updated recently, gives a lesson to blizzard.

"exile road" international clothing from the 3 update to 3.1 (national service January 11th update), all joined 10 new skills, 32 new maps, 48 unique equipment, as well as a variety of new ways, new Boss .

There is

Diablo 3 necromancer, "necromancy skills exile road" added so you have to take the game developers brain hole.

people call the body from the corpse, or make the corpse explode. The way of exile turns the corpse into a fire ball, and it can also automatically track the enemy!

also has a spirit body transfer skill that can deliver a manufacturing explosion on a dead body, So easy.

in addition to necromantic skills, there are more gorgeous visual energy release, adding new skills at flame.

can only rely on new professions to expand the dark 3 of the game, and the new skills of exile can be used by every profession to make you more fresh.

highlight 2: a version of the new 48 uniques, rare equipment more abnormal

"exile road" this update has 48 unique equipment, rather than a simple pattern of conscience Blizzard more ancient legend.

The new

unique equipment also extends in addition to some new play. The spirit of the above said the fireball such as new skills, with this new pen with unique equipment, can form a kind of new style schools BD.

and in the new version, the rare gold equipment has become more perverted than before. Now, the rare equipment (gold) of the exile will have the chance to bring auxiliary gemstone skills (similar to the dark Hellfire mechanism), which is equivalent to a skill with the highest support of 6-8 auxiliary skills, which is much better.

: here:

3 key points: the map of the foreign map is hidden in the dark, and the forces of the new Boss crack bound are on the field of

"path of exile" this update, still play (3 late plane map like Diablo fam added) 32 new maps and a variety of new Boss.

you will encounter a new enemy ancient bereaved in plane map, their leader split circles with his four kings appear randomly in the course of the game in your.

the four heavenly king

under the cleft boundary

these new boss are not only powerful and rich, but also make your tour of the foreign map more random and variable.

here is Dr. X to praise the map of the foreign world - the later play of the exile. 3 and Diablo fam each different, have different plane map

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