The devil is 3 popular food

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original title: 3 demon gourmet gourmet gourmet street

Shanghai the buddies but also a place to eat and drink around, a time-honored, net bars, shops, together with 3 popular bursting street, called the Shanghai largest integrated life entertainment experience type shopping malls Xuhui ASE center. Xiaobian for everyone to find the delicacy.

1, the net red shop

that first landed on the magic

ten in the name sounds Dangdang network red shop, all the first landing in Xuhui by ASE, in addition to N day long queues restaurant settled, such a large team of exploration are even deterrent to the king!

raw bread

a world champion bakery

, a trenched bakery, has been purchased from the world's best producing place in the world. It uses the legendary WACHTEL baking equipment, which is known as Hermes in the oven. The boss has won the world series many times, and there are as many as 50 kinds of bread in the store, which is called a world champion bakery.

this bakery must eat Yilan Onion Bread! The bread made from three kinds of green onion in Yilan, Taiwan is fragrant and fragrant, and the dirty bag with super fire is made up of 27 layers of Danish. With the self made chocolate sauce, it is really great!

black Samurai

spicy Taiwan Hot pot circle carry handle

The Black Knight

Taipei Hot pot brand was founded in 1981, in Taiwan's first hot soup can directly drink Hot pot soup as the slogan, King Jay Chou, Queen Sherry, Stefanie Sun and other famous artists have visited, said politicians and celebrities to have to seat! In order to get out their own fresh eyebrows soup, and cute taro ribs, sirloin and cattle as well as a variety of Taiwan lo, please get ready for your wallet and stomach!


the perfect combination of this group and Japanese style

in order to keep the almost extinct stone red chicken, the owner of the shop also wrapped up the whole farm! To ensure the most fresh and tender quality, and the highest nutritional value! In addition to homely dishes, chicken congee, chicken noodle and popular variety of delicious snacks, the store there are a variety of Japanese skewers and egg!

this shop owner camps all kinds of chicken, their home chicken is not a common chicken, but the oldest breed of Nanhui's stone red chicken! It is the king of the chicken!


eight hours carefully brewed a bowl of

a woman from Sichuan, moved to Taiwan in 1948 after the Hsinchu Air Force Base in cycling selling homemade sauces, Lo ten years. Later, the Sichuan style in Taiwan carry forward, even the rain god Jam Hsiao is a guest of the house! Duan Chunzhen beef noodles in Chongqing old pot made of pasta, soup took collocation of 23 kinds of spices, eight hours before and after carefully boiled and eaten are said to have signs of the name!

2 and three romantic streets from early High to late

nostalgic style, the classic taste, eating one mouthful can wake up the memory of the year. At night there's a different style bar restaurant. It's a carnival place for night owls! After eating and drinking enough to walk on the cross street, from early High to late is not a dream!!!

old Shanghai wind street

| shendacheng dafugui | | laodachang | qiaojiashan Canglang Pavilion | | Hongkou Taikang Food cake factory | old Xiangzhai | Jingan bakery | old South ward

is really excited to grow up from eating these old words, and no longer have to worry about breakfast. The wonton of the rich and precious family is the favorite of the people of Shanghai!

so many nostalgic classic flavors, as a meal

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