Eat chicken "God" mode, start with 6000 month suspended human landing plug!

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original title: "God eating chicken" mode, start with 6000 month suspended human landing plug!

NetEase's designer's brain hole is not a day two days, "Terminator 2" is no exception. In the first two days, "Terminator 2" has been a big update, "the zombie model" is also online.

and so on, the zombie model? "Terminator 2" you are not ready to give the next "three hundred million shootout dream" way out, a good competitive survival game to play "biochemical mode"?

can that be a good zombie? Next, Dr. X will bring a thrilling and thrilling practice to all of you. With you together to take a look at this "Zombie mode" is what "demons and ghosts".

1 key points: go out for 6000 a month, the outside of the landing is to chase people!

human play and the general situation is not much different, nothing more than "the opening of an umbrella, equipment all by search." What's special about the start of the zombie and how do you play better?

journey, want to eat chicken to jump, zombies are no exception.

At the time of the

, the zombie has a great advantage over humans and can beat the human race. , after all, is a big advantage over the unarmed men.

ran can jump two storey "accelerated hanging", also comes with three times the amount of blood back to the blood "lock hanging blood" and a paw a friend of 's "lock hanging", these "plug-in" can only be a blessing, human beings began to swing a zombie.

, so in the early stage of game, zombies can kill anyone you see indoors and outdoors with the advantage of fast killing and the ability to kill quickly.

zombies do not only run fast, they can drive, do you believe it? Moreover, the corpse itself is thick enough to return blood, so can be more aggressive when driving. All kinds of fancy racing cars are dangerous. , how to cut corners.

is better because of its body constitution, and its resistance to injury is stronger than that of . So in the first few circles, it is not a very painful time. It is also a feasible choice to kill the humans that are being transferred by carrying out electromagnetic circles injury.

= human reach, zombies get up

, though, with its own "hang out", but the zombie has a fatal flaw: can't use any of the props on the map. this is very embarrassing: you can't pick it up, you can't get it, but you can't pick it up.

key point 2: do you want to laugh to the last Zombie King? No brain can't be

as time goes on, human beings are gradually armed to the teeth. What does a zombie do at this time? Well, all of you, what are you going to do? Make a good guerrilla!

The tactics of

's entry into the house are still applicable. because of the small roundabout room in the room, the human being can't react easily, and the possibility of the zombie being kite is even smaller.

= from the general game can not reach the position of attack =


can't be hard on the front, zombies can still launch a raid by high jumping and maneuverability. all of you might as well dig out some of the ambush points that can't be reached under conventional thinking.

after the update, the zombie will real perspective of "hang" function, can see other enemies by obstacles. , in the face of well-equipped humans, uses perspective skills to determine the enemy's position

From: 吃鸡“上帝”模式,开局自带6000一个月的外挂,落地吊打人类!
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