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original title: [exclusive] purple cow Nanjing & #34; Sai international murder case & #34; death criminals suspended several times or hurt, will execute

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many people may have an impression of Ji Xingpeng's name. Yes, he is 4 years ago shocked Nanjing Sai international murder case. The purple cow news reporter exclusively learns that he has been sentenced to death for two years, and now there is a great possibility of being revoked and changed to the death penalty immediately. The reason is that he was in jail during the five violence of other prisoners, two people injured, first causing minor injuries occurred within the probation period, and judicial investigation during the judicial organs causing minor injuries to the behavior, he once again hurt the other prisoners, and causing minor injuries. In this regard, the Nanjing middle court believed that Jetion Peng was a "unbearable transformation" and sentenced Ji Xingpeng to three years in prison in late November of this year to destroy regulatory order. At present, Ji Xingpeng has appealed, the verdict has not come into effect. Once the decision has come into effect, the Supreme People's court will be submitted to the Supreme People's court for approval, to revoke the probation and to execute the death penalty to Ji Xingpeng.

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