The blockchain cat, mobile phone battery, artificial meteor shower, the newest technology in 2017 these cool

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original title: blockchain cat, mobile phone battery, artificial meteor shower, the latest cool

technology in 2017At the end of

, I was arranged to talk to you about the tide of science and technology for the year. In 2017, 36 krypton excavated and recorded many frontiers. But before selecting the tide technology in every field of science and technology, I'd like to have a small summary.

The field of artificial intelligence

, AlphaGo Zero the most attention, it comes with the depth of reinforcement learning skills are frequently mentioned in the summary of many Daniel. Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other giants this year in their own cloud services to tighten the layout of AI, computer vision continues to be hot, AI chips are also heating up.

2017 is a very high exposure year for autopilot. The industry generally thinks that next year will usher in the "Big Bang" of automatic driving. The Internet giants and traditional car companies have begun to carry out road tests, and the Chinese market has a boom in Entrepreneurship and investment and financing.

, as a major factor in the possibility of postponing the commercialization of unmanned vehicles, has a multiple policy benefit this year. The development momentum of pure electric vehicles is swift and violent, the foreign giant Tesla is in China, and the domestic car enterprises are also in the sea. However, the domestic market will still face the challenge of balancing the traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles for some time.

With the release of national control policies,

gradually entered a healthy growth model in the second half of this year. Industrial applications are being pursued by the market, and the application scene is extended to the subdivision of agriculture, plant protection, logistics, rescue and so on. The UAV is moving from 2C to 2B, from the consumer level to the industrial level.

In terms of

business and space, the space exploration company represented by SpaceX continues to send satellites and computers to the space. At the same time, it also plans to deliver people. Of course, this has also experienced many delays. With regard to the domestic market, with a series of policy support and technological accumulation in the aerospace industry, commercial space is expected to have a wave of investment boom next year.

VR industry has a lot of space because of high equipment price, interactive experience and content development, and its development is not as good as AR in this year. AR is officially moving towards C end users this year because of the bets of two big technology giants such as AR kit and Google (AR Core).

this year, the number and investment capital of the wearable device industry are showing a downward trend. The Jawbone company, which had been financing for 3 billion 200 million dollars, failed. In the field of Adidas, it also said no. more than 10 had not played. The market believes that wearable devices will remain a small number of products in the next 5 years or so. In any case, China's millet is a strong rise in this field.

finally talks about smart home. The new "traffic entry" excavated by technology giants is undoubtedly smart speakers. Apart from foreign Amazon and Google, there are a series of companies entering the country: Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Himalaya and so on. Industry insiders believe that despite the fierce competition, the Internet of things + artificial intelligence will once again create new opportunities for the smart home industry.

well, talk so much, then back to see in 2017 what are fresh enough fun enough tide of science and technology. PS: the review is only my personal choices, krypton readers after reading any ideas, please enjoy the message, is at the end of all open the brain hole.

artificial intelligence

"new AlphaGo" study three days 100 to 0 abuse before the former generation, kje: human too redundant


10 month, DeepMind announced the latest upgrade version of AlphaGo AlphaGo Zero, and explained the corresponding technology in the latest issue of "nature" magazine. DeepMind said, "the biggest difference between AlphaGo Zero and AlphaGo is the real self learning. The 3 day training can win the battle of 100:0 ahead of the generation of AlphaGo." Kje said, "for the self progress of AlphaGo, people are too redundant."

automatic flying car

"everyone plugging me alone", half a year, the Airbus no one "fly" finally revealed a real face

3 month, the spaceflight giant launched a Pop Up modularized flying car at Geneva motor show, aiming to solve the traffic jam situation around the world. The user only needs to operate on the mobile phone, so it can hit a "fly", which is as convenient as a dripping car. Of course, there are a lot of flying taxis in the field, such as TOYOTA, Uber, Google and German venture company e-Volo.

unmanned aerial vehicle

China's most powerful UAV: solar powered, flying height of up to 20 thousand M

9 month, the newly developed rainbow solar UAV of China has completed the near space flight test. The flight height can reach 20000 meters, and the total flight time is 15 hours. Data show that the rainbow solar UAV with a wingspan of 45 meters, blank time more than 24 hours, more than 20 km ceiling load capacity of 20 kg.

new energy

"coffee" can also be a fuel, and London bus is drinking "coffee" on the road

it's not just you, but the London bus, that opens the day with coffee. Bio-bean, a British energy recovery company, uses oil extracted from abandoned coffee residue to make biofuels for use by buses in London. Coffee oil can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 10% to 15% compared to the traditional mineral diesel.

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