The 35 year old actress but what | won the national hate? And the director is not in love with your God.

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original title: 35 year old actress has won what | people disliked? And the director is not in love with your God.

Jin Minxi

to say who is the South Korean beauty poster editor, Jin Minxi must be the number one. Although before because they do not love Lun and director of the various criticisms, romance is not a blessing, but like the flood guide himself said, "I chose this time to die, rather than fear of love".

Jin Minxi, Hong Shangxiu participated in the sixty-seventh Berlin Film Festival

Jin Minxi, Isabel Huppert (Isabelle Huppert), the reporter is director of red open show appeared in 2017 seventieth Cannes Film Festival special screenings film "Claire" the camera will < / span>

but based on the moral problems is not a good evaluation, more powerful is the former boyfriend of Jin Minxi, In-Sung Zo, Li Xiuhe, Jae Lee, are Korean male god level figures, it is to talk about love uncle, got meat.

> Jae Lee, Li Xiuhe, In-Sung Zo

Jin Minxi Jae Lee

Jin Minxi In-Sung Zo

from the aesthetic features of speaking, Korean Ernie is not standard, but wins in the air looking, acting eyes full of stories.

Jin Minxi

Jin Minxi attending the sixty-seventh Berlin Film Festival

in the movie "Miss". The white skin pale eyebrows elegant and refined, meat lips as beautiful as the petals of classical beauty temperament fascinating. The film has moved to Cannes, and has come to the forefront of the world.

Jin Minxi's "Miss" drama

Jin Minxi's "Miss" drama

Jin Minxi's "Miss" drama

2008 with the movie "some like it hot" for South Korea paeksang Arts Awards Film Award for best actress, the ninth Busan Film Critics Association Award for best actress.

Jin Minxi, Lee Mi-Sook, Ahn Sohee "reqingshihuo" poster

Jin Minxi's "Weeping man" drama