Test question: how many grades can you comment on the number of lipsticks?

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original title: test question: how many grades can you comment on your number of lipsticks?

today's article comes from my good base friend

"aunt lipstick"

this person is simply a philatelic

in the lipstick world

> she often shares a variety of

in her account.

lipstick test, evaluation, new message >.

want to know which brand of lipstick is the most common use of

which color number is the hottest this year?

older sisters" big Ga ", I am the lipstick aunt.

long time no see, first give you a big gift to you, do you

washing can make the hair smooth and non knot

lux Zhen can repair shampoo

Click second tweets to get the chance to get to

start my performance


bestie aunt last week to participate in regular nagging to force the hundred


one of the sisters complains to me that

I was in the spirit of politeness at the time of

asked her all the number of lipsticks

she said 10

aunt got back at the time to send a collection of

let the old sisters listen to this

background received a number of older sisters' contributions

many enthusiastic sisters say

in lipstick evil, love what

but this

also has this

" good boy

Please light the light master to take the light this way! Give me a hit in the dead!


From: 测试题:看看你的口红数量能评多少级?
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