How to read "common sense" in the "return to common sense education"? | sharp comment

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the original title: "return to common sense to do education" in the "common sense" of how to read? | sharp comment

Yang Hongxing

recently, the media inventory of public opinion quanliquanwai views on education, and made some sort. Among them, many educators and commentators call for "return to common sense education". They insist on following common sense of education, leaving education far away from education and making education happen. However, many of the concepts and statements of education, unlike the concepts in natural science, have a clear and accurate definition and judgment, usually only descriptive. Therefore, is considered as a statement of common sense, many are not, or incorrect or incomplete or contradictory.

what is common sense? Literal meaning is common knowledge. But in the "return to common sense education" in this context, I am afraid of common sense has a deeper connotation, more inclined to return to education in the beginning of the heart, return Rucker Shuren, teach people seeking truth and goodness regression approach. Therefore, it is not appropriate to the simple interpretation for some common sense in daily life that word of mouth. And those not even paradox, even with "common sense from the return to common sense to do education in.

, the media quoted the words of the author pointed out that the "old" diligence, similar to play. ', seems to be correct, but the game is the nature of children, for children are of special significance, this is common sense and science phase difference". Obviously, the "diligence, but useless" simply interpreted as a common sense, then this makes a distinction between common sense and science. However, it is speculative, "Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play" the old saying, really wrong?

one, if the "play" into play helps to release the children's nature, the adage might be a problem, but if the "leisure" is defined as "play unrestrained, diligence, but not" what is wrong with it? Second, even if the old and common sense is not because the old may equate, contradictory and deny its positive value. As the ancients said: "it is not too late!" The ancients said: "too late, too late!" If it is equated with common sense, and then the conclusion that common sense is equivalent to unreliable, it is a bit inappropriate. Also, some seemingly contradictory truths are often made in different contexts and judgment in different contexts, these teaching may be the truth.

again, the author also points out, "some critical judgment now has formed a consensus, but it can't stand up to it. Ritual killings? Is the famous philosopher He Lin asking 'freedom and democracy' not to kill? The eight part essay is a rigid and useless pronoun, but in fact, it is also a refinement of language expression. As a yardstick of measuring language level, it is not necessarily lost in the standardized examination of Chinese language. This section discusses the semantic orientation is also puzzling, for destroying the defense of Xiang Linsao's ethics, or to have quit the stage of history stereotyped writing "spiritualism"? Objectively speaking, stereotyped writing in a particular historical period has played a positive role, but today, apparently "different", Chinese standard simple and the test should not be compared.

in my opinion, it should be for the return of education in early heart Rucker Shuren, interpretation of the "return to common sense education", but now it is far fetched and old and some limitations of the consensus forced together, a bit wide of the mark". Common sense is not only the regression regression, simple regression is not some consensus, but should return to the education nurtures the heart, return to moral education's original intention, return to education mission. return to the Sohu, see more "editor-name" data-role=

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